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Chiara DB:
Just saw Thor yesterday, and it reminded me of what I'm sure is a past life in ancient Scandinavia. I felt this the first time I went to Norway and went to the Folkmuseum in Oslo, where they have examples of ancient dwellings, villages, and carvings. Everything in me just lit up at being here -- I felt a definite familiarity, a feeling of being home. The more I learned about the Vikings the more I felt close to them and that I understood them, to the point where I became annoyed at how milquetoast the modern Norwegians are compared to the Vikings. The Norse mythology is the only pagan mythology that has ever appealed to me on a visceral level -- everything else so far just falls flat to me. When I think about what my life may have been like, I mostly get a picture of trading in a market, and that's about it.

I do wonder what relevance this past life identification has to my current life, but so far I haven't done much to find out. Mostly the resonance just feels invigorating, so I enjoy the experience.

Chiara DB:
I also listen to Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" a lot  ;D

Same here! Though it was in art history when the norse stave churches and carvings came along. I also have some norwegian heritage and felt much more 'loyal' to it and fascinated with the 'art' when I was younger (as opposed to the very german side of my mom's family). My grandmother had all sorts of norwegian things around her house and it felt very natural. There's also something about pagan russia that's familiar in the same ways.

It is a lit-up kind of a feeling isn't it?

Architecture and 'styles' seem particularly interesting when they resonate... I remember being completely fascinated with the thai dancers from It's A Small World, and the styles from there still really feel like home. Once they went to thailand on america's next top model and made them learn thai dancing. Was so jealous! That feeling that it was something I'd love doing and could do it well. I also prefer their buddha statue by far, which is kind of the thing, it seems odd that things like that are particular but I just like it better for some reason. heh.

Elisabeth, the thing about imagination - dont they say that things like this do feel like you are making them up, but that does not mean its not genuine? Perhaps try to examine it later - would you have a reason to make that particular thing up?
Also, there are tips for recognition peppered through the MFM and MMFM books.
I think it may be helpful to first get clear on one's intent. Therapeutical? Curiosity? Confirmation of an insight? One has to be careful about expectations of the false personality. In most lives we would have been ordinary people and in some, we might have created karma.
It is more valuable in my mind to make little recognitions by yourself, then not attempt this at all and just have everything channeled.
Have you ever met someone who you felt like you knew although you have just met them for the first time? Have you ever dreamt a dream where you have met people you now now, but in different bodies? Or has someone else dreamt this about you? Etc.
Yes, the phobias may be also telling. Like my daughter is scared to walk under scaffolding, specifically between any two parallel vertical posts. She starts panicking and gets into compulsive behaviour. She never had any accident involving this. So why? When I found out, I had a thought she might have got trapped/crushed under it in another lifetime. She is also claustrophobic and very overweight and I feel the weight is a protective cushion.
Even though i could theoretically go and get multiple channelings done about this or that, I don't. I want to see what I can see for myself and then if later I get it confirmed with Michael, that would be helpful, and more valuable than just letting them to get it all for me which I think they are reluctant to do, particularly where the wish is false personality driven.
Also like Chiara says, there is that thing about things/places that intensely move you for no apparent reason or more than you can account for. This can be anything and everything. Perhaps you visit a place for the first time and feel like you came "back". Or you get tearful.
Or perhaps you know/can do something that you have "never" learnt. Although I guess this may be a kind of spontaneous channeling rather than a recollection.
Have you ever had a dream that felt very real? This could be a recollection too.

What if you have never had any of that happen?  I may be mistaken about this, but I seem to remember that Michael said about if there is no resonance, then it might mean that you have resolved any issues having to do with that life.  Could that be why some people have no past life memories/resonances/deja vu?  Of, if they do, that it is just a mild feeling?


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