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John Roth:
Since passion mode is exalted inspirational, it means that there's an inner drive that wants to get out in a big way. If someone does it at all, it almost has to be "larger than life."

So, Dave, what it looks like to me is that your passion is going to supporting the Michael Teachings with web sites, etc, while music is your day job. Realist makes perfect sense in that context, since it lets you check what would actually be effective.

John Roth

I completely understand the whole anger thing with folks in Passion mode. I'm pretty sure my partner is in Passion, and it's taken me a long time to realize that when he gets angry it's not nearly as major as I think it is, despite the drama. Were I to behave like that when I got angry, it would definitely mean it was a big deal.

Chiara DB:
mtscholar, it's weird, isn't it? Even 13 years later, I still sometimes have to remind myself.

Yeah, going on 10 years here. The funny thing is that I sometimes wonder if I'm in Passion too but, being a scholar, am rather less passionate about my passion. Or perhaps it's just my emotional centering that feels like passion at times.


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