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The Seven Goals / Question to those with Goal of Growth
« on: July 20, 2011, 12:11:06 AM »
Do people with the goal of growth constantly want to expand - and grow? or is there a purpose to their growth?

I'm a King/warrior cast,
for example, I want to grow so that i can establish Dominance. And i do have a desire to grow - and i operate more on a Growth "mode" than I am a Growth "Goal" if that makes sense.

Do people on the goal of growth desire to simply grow with no discretion? or is growth used as a transitionary tool to attain something else?

Priest / Re: Goading
« on: June 04, 2011, 06:55:20 AM »
i'm not even sure if this is specifically "priest specific" it can also be being in tune with the emotional center and understanding human thought and actions. along with the understanding of human Fear and the state of the human condition.

I've noticed that the first thing many religious people learn in their trade is how to find weakness and attempt to heal it with what they feel is Gods love. It is the ultimate power trip. Akin to emotional orgasm for these people.

It can many times begin as a acceptance/love issue or need. Often it will manifest into a power/control issue, exploiting weakness, trouble shooting it, and sharing emotions. This cycle is fullfilling and falseley enlightening for these people. They feed off of it like an IV

warriors can make good immitation of priests in a brainwashed/un balanced center state. their innate ability to persuade, especially coupled with a goal of growth motivated by their heavy yoke of emotional burden can make them tier 1 in the field of seeming like a priest.

the only true way i've found to notice a true priest soul is to be next to that person. If they are in their positive pole, I can feel the change in atmosphere, especially being a king soul.
When i enter a room or setting, i feel the atmosphere change. There is order, and almost weight with fatherly love. When a priest walks in, i get a bit light headed and the weight on my chest lifts up a bit. my toungue also feels lighter.

Announcements! / Re: Live Michael Channeling with Nancy Gordon
« on: June 04, 2011, 06:44:06 AM »
this will be my first channel session. I am quite excited. If i cannot ask personality/overleave questions, What should i Enquire about?

Spirituality / Re: Spiritual Growth & Michael
« on: June 03, 2011, 03:11:38 AM »
religion is strongly based on control and dominance, fed by the desire for establishing a kingdom and the need for power.

I served many years in that army. Heard this "God"...Had to do some things. Got through stuff i really didn't want to.

But now i find myself asking who i was serving....who was speaking? perhaps some clowns in the spirit realm trying to screw around with the humans? because sureley no God is insane enough to even think about the things that the Christ/father spoke of about judgment.

Love, and acceptance superceeded by personal justice and motive. slaving to establish a kingdom not of my own that would bind me.

my time there still haunts me


Warrior / Re: Mature/old Warriors
« on: May 31, 2011, 09:21:38 PM »
I've read that there is a Chat with micheal this Sunday.

Maybe we'll get some role / casting info then.

Im excited since this will be my first


I think this is that Cynic Sense of humor I heard about

The Roles (or Soul Types) / Re: Secondary Casting
« on: May 29, 2011, 01:39:02 AM »
russsel, i'm interested in this thread as well since i'm having some trouble understanding this too. I'm doing some more research  on cadences now.

Artisan / Re: Artisan and the Five Levels of Input
« on: May 29, 2011, 01:37:23 AM »
elisabeth, do you find that you can only do 1 project at a time? and just can't seem to move on to something else with a clear conscience/almost impatience unless you finish the first project first?

Warrior / Re: Mature/old Warriors
« on: May 28, 2011, 11:22:38 PM »
MY casting is warrior. It has it's benefits, but i have had to beat it to submission to find any peace.

During times of "mobilization" I switch to my warrior mindset, and it plays absolute hell with my King Role. The impatience of a king (which is not even my chief feature) rises up to the point where i feel energy pacing and my body gets anxious.

That warrior mentality makes you want to fight and face challenges, which is a great feeling, but these things require perseverence, caution and it takes time. You have to do the job right, and you have to do it professional. When this is happening, your King role is screaming at you to end this nonsense so that you can get back on your throne and attain professional grade - mastery. it's a real difficult feeling, especially as a young king, since you have to "get your hands dirty" to build a kingdom that will last.

I don't want to imagine what it feels like to be a warrior role. They get a lot of recognition and admiration , they are proud of who and what they are, but a warriors world can be a confusing one.

They have the attitude and agression to succeed, but it is succombed by there desire to submit or atleast find some authority to make sense of themselves. Warrior christians can be especially annoying. Remember jack bauer off of 24? perfect example of a capable man who can't seem to find structure in life because he attracts the challenge and fight. he also was constantly trying to find that father figure. He probably played that role a bit too well though Lol.

warriors, like elisabeth mentioned , have an innate ability on their darker side to dig deep inside the psyche of their "Victim" and find a way to tick them off. They exceed at it, and enjoy seeing how they respond and handle themselves when attacked.

I buy all my warrior friends pitchers - on me when i'm at a bar. Those guys earn their pay.

In refrence to Race/blood imprinting is what i'm currently investigating.

in MT ones race can change, so can gender, etc.

But a trend I have noticed is that some races are simply more prone to being more in tune with essence/role and spirituality. When you study native americans & africans for example, it seems that they are more spiritually connected and one might argue that they seem to be more in touch with essence/soul

it also seems that in native american circles for example, even europeans with native american blood are more attune to the spiritual planes. or atleast - it seems so from my experiences.

I can actually sense certain bloodlines in people and from what i've seen, it enfluences them  

Does the Micheal System explain this at all? I read somewhere (might of been from you) that essence tends to chose male/female gender alternatingly. more so for reasons of balance. IS there any trend to race and nationality?

Bodytypes / Re: Body types and Centering
« on: May 28, 2011, 06:00:43 PM »
I can understand how you feel.

I feel like i'm an old man trapped in a young go getters body.

I have to constantly fight the urge to be agressive and move about. I have a goal of dominance and a need for power but above all a soul age that desires to be at peace with people and let people be the king of their own nation. to sit back and observe, but my energy and overleaves make that difficult for me. When i do get to that point, people call me lazy, lack of drive, people think i'm depressed...when really, its times like that i enjoy the most and feel the most at peace

Maybe things will change in a decade or so when i'm around 30 things will change. Right now i feel like my body and systems are pushing me to achieve before i rest.

elisabeth: Thank you for that link, I must of missed that page when i was reading through that website. Very informative.

Chiara: Enjoy that citizens academy. I did an advanced academy years back. It was great, we got to: Shoot, drive and learned investigative tactics and how to read gang signs, etc.

Theres something so deep about this job to me. I've done enough ride alongs to the point where some officers trust me enough to assist them/ deal with the perpetrators. I am so fortunate - because i've gotten to learn so much not only about the job but as a human being.

When i'm on patrol with these officers, i feel a deep part of me find joy on a level that brings me to tears. This job - I cant explain how much i love it.

I can't describe how it feels, especially at night. At night it's as if you and your best buddies own the streets. Feels like being in what i call "God Mode"

The glow of the interior, the structure and order from the Radio dispatch/laptop, the sound of the V8, i can literally smell something in the air.

The fear - i have not found a job that puts you into terms with your fear like this job. It's such a Surreal moment when your scared. It's so beautiful. I love it. So much pride. so much fear. and the fear smells like salt and sweat you can feel and even smell it.
a surprising percentage of officers, especially city officers die immediatley AFTER retirement because they've used up or tired out all the adrenaline their kidneys can produce and their nerves are just shot. When their bodies no longer get that adrenaline and a abrubt change in lifestyle  occurs - they croak.

a large part of me also dislikes this job because it's a baby warriors job in a sense. As hard as you train for command presence and dominance, it's difficult to have the kings overview when your doing so much dirty work.  but there is so much to master in this job, so much to learn and grow in, so much to just - evolve in.

It is not a carreer (atleast the patrol aspect) for a grown man, its more for a baby warrior or an adrenaline junky.

One of the reasons being, You cant always be yourself in law enforcement. not in todays age, the days where a cop was a father figure is gone in most cities and communities. (although that is what i strive to be)

ask any officer and they will tell you, the BIGGEST thing you have to learn on this job is how to talk to people.  especially any female officer will tell you that.

you have to talk diffrently to diffrent people and it feels like your almost "contracting" yourself out.  Persuasion is the simple biggest factor of law enforcement. it's persuasion and speech that gets confessions and disarms dangerous situations with minimal confrontation.

At the end of the day, if your not spiritually aware, you will lose yourself. you will have been all contracted out. You won't know who you are because this job requires you to almost sell yourself out, constantly - on a daily basis, while your dealing with these kids on the streets. a warrior might like that aspect, but it's a crap life after a while. One day , especially as a king soul - you might wake up and realize that dealing with these kids is not worth it, and that the excitement etc. is a foolish endeavor.

In a sense, i feel that this job may stop me from growing in certain aspects of my self. but in moderation - i think it will have a great positive effect on my life. Ultimatley, I am pursuing this career because I would like to make captain/chief.

The service - and on a management level - the product - that a police agency sells, is safety & honorable service. and i feel that is a very noble and quality product to offer , one that i think i can facilitate with honor.

After you serve your time as a glorified grunt (all a cop is these days unfortunatley)you can make captain, possibly lieutenant, heck  maybe even chief..have your own warriors under you.

sit down and enjoy the labor of your younger years in an office..sipping on coffee while you read a newspaper..perhaps smoke a nice cigar while you preach the importance of: justice, honor , love - you know, all those fine things in life.

*drooling* one day.. 1 day. Now theres a peaceful thought for ya'

So: What all stays consistant with Essence? If Gender does not stay consistant, is the essence simply just a collection of knowledge from lifetimes?

Also, where does hereditary imprinting come from? and how exactly is it influencing personality?

Ah, Thanks for explaining that.

I guess this means i'm going to be really loving and accepting myself on a future lifetime.

As the Subject reads:

How much of an influence does casting have on the personality, over say - "Role"

Lets say we had an individual (Lets call him Subject A) who was a king "king(role)/warrior(casting)"

If subject A was seeking to advance/grow and become more in touch with Essence -  should Subject A seek to Grow and mature in his casting as well? even though it is not his role?
Also, how does the exact math with castings work?  I seem to have some trouble understanding it completley.

Thank you

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