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Book & Movie Reviews / The Tree of Life
« on: January 15, 2012, 03:55:34 AM »
The best way to appreciate this ground-breaking film is to flow with the imagery and drop all expectations of a conventional narrative. It is cinematic poetry that's richly layered with the euphoria of human experience.

The premiere of "The Tree of Life" at Cannes hauntingly echoes the premiere of Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring." There was a near riot during the first performance of Stravinsky's work and at Cannes this year there were boos and hisses punctuated by intermittent cries of "Genius!" It's interesting how much fear is generated by anything that is deemed "different."

I scanned the Redbox reviews and was not surprised by the level of ignorance that abounds. Most people would rather worship the sterile conformity that feeds our consumeristic nation than step outside the feeding frenzy and savor a new and startling flavor. I wonder how art will continue to survive in a world where its occupants are so tragically losing their ability to truly see and hear. In an artistic sense it is like Puritanism come full circle, where an act of staggering originality incites a witch hunt.

Either way, "The Tree of Life" is "The Rite of Spring" of cinema.


Channeling / Channeling: Fact or Fiction
« on: August 10, 2011, 10:34:07 PM »
While reading a piece on writing the other day, it was suggested that readers expect emotional involvement from fiction and facts from non-fiction. Fiction is expected to grab us where non-fiction convinces us: with one we suspend belief, with the other we expect logic and evidence. As I absorbed this I was struck by the realization that channeling (not necessarily in the Michael community) seems to dance in both of those worlds.

Case in point, some followers dig in their heels and put up a strong defense if you suggest that a particular piece of channeling lacks proof. Too often emotions are stirred and keeping an open mind -- another way of suspending belief, as we do with fiction -- is considered more important than facts and evidence. Personally, I think an open mind and validating with evidence is equally important. But I'm a strong proponent of rational spirituality.

Either way, I think most would agree that channeling should remain in the category of non-fiction, but what about channeling that is accepted on faith or channeling that makes wild (or fictional) claims? How do we test its veracity if the act of testing results in accusations that we lack an open mind? How do we prevent a valuable tool like channeling from becoming just another work of literature? And yes, I remember what Michael once said about spiritual teachers and literature. ;-) 


Michael Books / Michael For The Millenium
« on: July 29, 2011, 08:47:56 AM »
With all the so-called negativity about Yarbro's "Michael for the Millenium," out
of curiosity I re-read passages from it earlier this week and, rather surprisingly,
found it quite interesting.

The obvious difference between MFTM and the other Yarbro books is that it
doesn't present any core MT material. MFTM is mostly just chapters containing Q
& A on various topics, such as the environment, overpopulation, and so forth.
But Michael's answers seem well-reasoned and instructive. I enjoyed the

I would still recommend the earlier Yarbro books before suggesting MFTM, but I
think it's a worthy read as a supplement to the existing material.

And with all due respect to Troy's channeling, I'm not convinced that Yarbro
faked the chapter on the seven roles and their progression through the soul
ages. We have no proof of that and it's really just hearsay at the moment. Sure,
I guess it's possible, but the idea of concurrents doesn't necessarily negate
the authenticity of that chapter. The total lifetimes (including any
concurrents) could still be described in a linear fashion. I see no argument in
that. And after all, even though time is simultaneous in other realms, when
physical we do follow a linear timeline. It's part of our evolutionary process.

Like her not, I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that Yarbro's material
is still the most remarkable Michael channeling we have yet to see. We owe her
and her channels a great deal of admiration. I sometimes forget just how good
the channeling was in the MFM books till I revisit the material. It's always a


General Discussion / MOVED: Hereafter
« on: June 17, 2011, 10:17:12 AM »

Announcements! / Michael Students Night (Wednesday)
« on: June 08, 2011, 10:58:06 PM »

Michael Students Night is an informal get together where fellow students can meet each week at a designated time and get to know each other. The event meets at 6PM Pacific/9 PM Eastern and usually runs for around three hours or so. Stay as long as you like, or just drop by and say "Hello."

It doesn't matter if you're a newbie, a regular, or a lurker in the Michael community -- you're all invited! Think of it as a time when you can talk, babble, chant, confess, deliberate, divulge, express, gab, gossip, influence, intone, parley, prattle, spill the beans, and verbalize without social or moral consequences. And it's with other Michael students, so it doesn't get much better than that.

We'll be meeting at the newly refurbished Michael teachings chatroom and I think you'll like the new look of the place. I've emptied all of the ash trays, steam-cleaned the carpets, removed those embarrassing stains on the couch, threw away the fast food cartons and bags -- even the moldy Ben & Jerrys containers were scuttled. The place is almost looking too sanitary now.

Go to:

See ya Wednesday night!


Announcements! / Live Michael Channeling with Nancy Gordon
« on: June 03, 2011, 11:33:20 PM »
Hey everyone!

Nancy Gordon is back this Sunday to channel Michael for us.

We'll start at 9 PM eastern and meet in the MT chat room.

If asking a personal question, please send a photo to Nancy by noon on Sunday. Email her at:

Also, Nancy does not wish to answer questions of a political nature. And no chart questions, such as: what is my role, overleaves, etc..

See you Sunday!


Announcements! / Forum Appreciation Board
« on: May 23, 2011, 09:25:20 PM »
Thanks to Elisabeth for becoming our newest Junior member.  :)

An additional thanks to Chiara, John Roth, and Drury for previously attaining that level. Your contributions to this forum are greatly appreciated.


Announcements! / Error Messages & Server Hiccups
« on: May 19, 2011, 06:47:40 AM »
Some of you may have been receiving messages that the server is busy and I agree that it's really annoying when that happens. I'll be addressing the problem in the next couple of days, and will probably transfer over to a new webhost. In the meantime, just hang in there as I make this transition. It won't be long.

And you can keep posting throughout. Though, always highlight and copy any post you are about to send on the offhand chance that you get an error message. That way you minimize the likelihood of losing your work.


Announcements! / Post Count Groups
« on: May 14, 2011, 09:30:33 PM »
As you probably know, this forum software categorizes members by post counts. It's a trivial thing, I know, but at the same time it's kind of fun to graduate to a new level based on how much you have contributed to the forum.

Here's the breakdown:

  • New Member -- 0
  • Jr. Member -- 50
  • Full Member -- 100
  • Sr. Member -- 250
  • Honored Member -- 500
  • Distinguished Member -- 750

I'm trying to decide on a good designation for members that reach 1000 posts (a major feat).

Exalted Member?
Transcendent Member?
Quintessential Member?
Preeminent Member?

Past Lives & Reincarnation / Reincarnational Selves
« on: May 14, 2011, 12:10:49 AM »
This was posted anonymously at the MT list, so I'm posting it here, too.


If all time is NOW and all of our reincarnational selves are happening at
once, then would each one of our different reincarnational selves be at a
particular Michael stage, and that we individually (reading this forum) are
focused on that particular stage that this reincarnational self is currently
at? Where does that leave our other reincarnational selves and their stages
and how it fits us together?

Thank you!

Notes from Dave's BLSR Session on 4.29.2011 with Gloria Constantin as

In this past life, Dave (now known as Samuel) finds himself in his former place
of business. He believes he is a watchmaker and watch repairman. He has a small
shop on a dark street lined with other shops. The streets are narrow and paved
with cobblestones. The street is on a hill. It is a very old street. At the
back of the shop is his work area with a number of tables. He makes and repairs
the type of watch that is worn on vests or lapels. There are also a number of
partially constructed cuckoo clocks. He senses these are a specialty of his and
he is very fond of them. There are grandfather clocks in the shop, as well.

Samuel wears a magnifying glass over one eye to assist him with manipulating the
tiny, delicate machinery involved with his craft. He notes that he has long,
thin fingers. He senses that his eyes are blue-gray.

Samuel is very meticulous; very precise. He aims for perfection in his custom
pieces. He is considered by his customers to be a fine craftsman. His father
taught him the craft, but Samuel created the shop. There is a deep satisfaction
in creating things of his unique design. He believes his designs are far
superior both mechanically and artistically. He works long hours. Dave observes
that there are no flaws in Samuel's "machinery." His overall way of being is
geared towards highly articulated precision. He has detailed schematic drawings
of his designs and these are strewn about his workshop. Nothing is left to

It looks like Samuel is a bachelor focused solely on his work.

In the next scene, Samuel finds himself in an over crowded area of town, but it
appears to be gated, that is, separate from the rest of the community. It's a
residential area that appears to not only be segregated, but guarded as well.
Samuel has been moved there from his shop. The segregated part of town is
densely populated. Many people live together in small apartments. The streets
(which look more like alleys) are filthy, and there is poor sanitation. Stale
water is pooling in the gutters. The children playing in the streets are dirty,
as is their clothing. People are allowed to come and go on a limited basis.
Samuel believes this "ghetto," as he has identified it, is in the same town that
he lives in.

Samuel is feeling despondent and lost. He has been forcibly cut off from his
life, and is living hand-to-mouth. Supplies are delivered to the ghetto, but
they are not sufficient to take care of everyone. People are becoming ill.

There appears to be an uprising. Samuel sees a huge crowd of the ghetto people
rushing the gate. Soldiers are trying to hold back the angry crowd which has
broken out through the gates. There is fighting - the crowd is throwing itself
at the soldiers who guard the gates. Samuel has not joined the crowd; he is
watching. There is chaos - but trucks of soldiers are arriving now. The
soldiers are now shooting into the crowd and throwing what appears to be rounded
objects that are releasing smoke or gas. Bodies are now piling on the narrow

** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

Samuel has died and is moving away from his body. He is not angry or sad --
instead he feels more of a deep, utterly profound sense of nothingness.

Facilitator wonders if Samuel would be willing to ask for the assistance of a
guide who can help him make a shift at this point - either out of his pain or
out of consciousness altogether.

The Emissary Guide (the giant robed figure) appears. This Guide is now drawing
in Samuel's energy and absorbing it into himself.

Facilitator observes that the Guide seems to be engaging in an act of healing
Samuel. Dave feels that Samuel's energy is being reconfigured or reformed.

The three guides that have shown up in Dave's two previously explored
end-of-life scenarios have appeared. They are concerned about Samuel.

Facilitator: Do these three guides appear to be your soul's primary guides?

Dave: They seem to be the guides for a particular series or cluster of

Facilitator: And are these lifetimes thematically related?

Dave: They could be. I don't think these three are traditional guides - they
seem to be associated with overseeing the larger picture [of the soul's

Dave senses that there are other beings around who are observing.

Facilitator: Could these beings who are observing be members of Samuel's soul

Dave: I can't tell.

Facilitator: Is Samuel still being reconfigured?

Dave: Samuel is now standing in front of The Robe (a/k/a Emissary Guide), and
The Robe is now showering him with light.

Facilitator: How is Samuel feeling now?

Dave: He seems numb. He is still in the healing process.

Facilitator: Are you receiving any communications from The Robe?

Facilitator: How does your Guide, The Robe, feel about your performance in the
life as Samuel?

Guide, through Dave: Samuel was exceptional in his ability to deal with a
traumatic series of events that would normally be considered untenable by even
the hardiest of souls. The intensity of the experience, however, had a
short-circuiting effect on what this soul could handle on an emotional level.
This resulted in a desire to achieve total numbness.

Facilitator: Is the Emissary Guide able to give us any insights into the goals
that Samuel had established for the life and if he was able to meet them?

Guide (through Dave): The goal was not for Samuel's life to end in the most
heinous way imaginable. The goal was to live a simple life after a series of
unusually difficult previous lifetimes and to allow an outlet for creative
expression without exposing himself to the constant demands of an exceptionally
busy life. Being caught, however, in a system where the seeds of hatred are used
to overpower the sincere and otherwise cooperative intentions of a greater
community, is something that cannot always be avoided. Even with the most
careful planning, paths in life may be unforeseeably altered. This is all part
of the general experience.

Facilitator: I understand that guides are not all-seeing and all-knowing. Are
they, nonetheless, active in guiding the life from the moment of birth to the
moment of death?

Guide: There is always involvement; there is always guidance available to those
who wish to receive it, but even the best guidance is of little merit when there
are so many active forces in place to thwart it.

Facilitator: So why even try? It seems like such a crap shoot.

Guide: Good intentions are always better than no intentions at all, and even the
smallest endeavor, that is, the most miniscule attempt to find the positive in
an otherwise bleak experience, is a step forward on the path.

Facilitator: Do all souls benefit from the acts of one soul who bravely moves

Guide: A soul that moves forward creates ripples that benefit everyone.

Facilitator: That's heartening. Is it possible for the Emissary Guide to take
Dave to meet his soul group?

Guide: Dave has friends that are around him at all times but they tend to stay
out of the way when he is engaged in business with his guides.

Facilitator: Is Dave done with his business now so that he can meet his soul

Guide: The soul group is always present. It is not something that you are
displaced from or suddenly disconnected from. There is a constant resonance
between members of your soul group that creates a link that is continual. It is
similar in theory to a musical tone that reverberates as a single note in the
background. Although your focus may shift to other matters from time to time,
this perpetual tone is always present.

Facilitator: How many members are there in Dave's primary soul group?

Guide: This idea of primary is somewhat misleading in that there are layers of
connecting groups (or resonances) that are around a soul at any time. Each group
or resonance represents multiple functions. There is not just one group; there
are interconnecting layers of groups. These serve multiple functions similar to
the cells in a body.

Facilitator: Thank you. We are interested in understanding the nature of primary
soul groups. Would the same concepts apply to the idea of primary soul mates?

Guide: Soul mates are another misnomer. There are souls that may be thematically
linked in what may seem like a disjointed series of lives, but these souls,
because of their thematic resonance, will tend to appear and form similar duties
in that lifetime. There are also souls that by their shared proximity in a
lifetime may give the appearance of being soul mates simply due to being in the
advantageous position of meeting current life demands.

Facilitator: Despite this, are there some souls that Dave is especially fond of
and enjoys incarnating with?

Guide: There will always be souls of similar resonance; that is, souls who when
in close proximity, tend to enhance this resonance.

Facilitator: I was wondering if the Guide could comment on what it is that
thematically links souls.

Guide: Souls are thematically linked when the resonance they create together in
one lifetime directly resonates to similar connections in other lifetimes.
Thematic resonance may also be revealed when there are certain truths that are
in alignment.

Facilitator: And these truths are truths of the individual souls?

Guide: These truths act as a container in which all experiences in a lifetime
are connected. It is the organic thread that helps to make sense of the
experiences you encounter.

Facilitator: We have a question regarding the purpose of the selection of the
current body for the lifetime as Dave. Why was this particular body chosen?

Guide: The current body was chosen specifically for its inclination to avoid an
active lifestyle and to ensure more states of relaxation.

I'm posting this for those who expressed an interested in seeing the second
installment of this session. In the first session I was shown a past life of a
man named Edmund, who was quite wealthy but very unhappy with his life. In the
session I had yesterday, before moving into the LBL segment, I explored a past
life as a woman in what appeared to be the American midwest. It wasn't a
pleasant life. -- Dave


Notes from Dave's BLSR Session on 4.23.2011 with Gloria Constantin as

Dave opens his past life door into the option of two lives - one as Edmund, seen
in the last regression, and one as Luann, a woman who lived in Kansas in the
early 1900's. Dave sees Edmund walking the Victorian era streets on the way to
a performance of the philharmonic orchestra, and Luann is driving a buggy that
is pulled by a single horse. He chooses to enter the life as Luann. A summary
of that life follows.

Luann, about 31 and petite, is driving the buggy along a dirt road in the
country. She is wearing a plain black dress and a white scarf. The horse is a
dark chestnut with red tones. She passes an old fence, which trails parallel to
the road. The landscape is flat, but there are fields about with growing crops.
She is in a hurry as a storm is coming. The sky is dark with rain clouds. She
is carrying a small bottle of medicine that she obtained from a doctor. It is
for her elderly father who is ill. She drives past a round barn to the house,
and is greeted by a young teenager, her son, Eli. Apparently he takes care of
the horse and buggy, and she enters her home. Her father, Elijah, is ill and in
bed. She gives him several spoonfuls of the medicine.

Luann now finds herself at her father's burial, out on the farm. Several
farmhands are assisting with lowering the casket into the ground. It is raining
out, and the grave and ground are extremely muddy. The farmhands' clothes are
soiled and worn.

In the next scene, Luann finds herself outside the home talking with a tall,
gaunt man who appears to be a caricature of someone in the legal profession. He
is formally dressed, and Luann is arguing with him about being forced out of her
home. Apparently, it has been arranged for her to be displaced, and even though
this seems inevitable, Luann is arguing with confidence and holding her own, and
not showing much emotion.

In the next scene, Luann is living in a boarding house where she works to earn
her keep, and her son's. She works long hours, washing, cooking, and cleaning.
It is hard work, and though she is only 33, she is physically wearing down. Her
son attends a one-room school where she wishes she could teach. Luann has an
inventive mind, and enjoys reading and keeping a journal. Some of her journal
entries comment on the lack of opportunities for women. Luann was also
experimental with chicken farming -- creating more humane runs and pens for them --
and her methods caused her unsophisticated neighbors to look upon her with suspicion.
Luann had an interest in astronomy and owned a telescope. She and her father were not
well-liked and seemed quite self-sufficient in a number of ways. They did not entertain
the company of their neighbors, as they did not resonate with the community. She and
her father were kindred spirits, and threatening to the others because they were different.

When Luann went into town on errands for the boarding house she moved quickly.
The town was essentially lawless, and filled with danger. Men ogled her as she
walked by, but they were base and ill-intentioned - an appropriate husband was
not to be found among them, but then, she never sought to find another. She
kept to herself and her interests, and her primary concern was caring for her

In the next scene she watched her son being hung in public for a crime he did
not commit. It was a terrible and brutal act, deeply difficult to witness. The
hostility of that community was not surprising, given that she and her son were
never accepted, being seen as too eccentric. Shortly after, Dave sees Luann's
body, fully dressed in a bath tub filled with water - and blood. It appears
that Luann has killed herself.

As Luann leaves her body, no guides are seen. She is about 100 feet up, and is
seeing her son's dead body receive additional insults by being dragged on the
ground by a horse his corpse has been tied to. The townspeople are jeering at
him. She sees them as insects she could squash. The spirit of her son is not

Dave comments: Another bad lifetime; more things to be angry about.

Facilitator: Perhaps Luann's guides will be able to shed some insights on why
that particular life was chosen, and if the life turned out according to the
original plan. They can also assist her with releasing the negative residual
energy from that life.

Luann is not yet ready to leave. She is angry, and wants to set the town on
fire. She is "stomping" on the townspeople. She is still above the town, but
she is getting a great deal of satisfaction from it. Her form is much larger
than it was in life. For the first time in her life, she is expressing intense

Luann has progressed to a gateway area. There are three elderly guides waiting
- Thor, Lazarus and Joshua. She has taken on the form of a large male, and he
is, as Edmund was, pacing back and forth angrily. He is very angry with the
life just lived. It was harsh and brutal. He is having a heated exchange with
the guides, and the soul comments that these guides are useless.

Facilitator: Perhaps this would be a good time to summon a Guide who would be
helpful. On Dave's soul's behalf, the facilitator requests that a more powerful
Guide appear. The "Robe" appears. This is the same Guide that was the Emissary
in the first Between Lives Regression.

Dave is observing that Dave's soul is more attuned to this Guide. The soul is
calming down. The Guide is showering the soul with light. It is likely a
healing shower to remove the negative debris of the life as Luann. The soul is
telling the Guide that he is extremely frustrated and wants to quit this
perpetual game of pain and suffering. The Guide continues to shower him with

The Guide tells him: You are almost there; you don't have much farther to go.

There is reflection between the Facilitator and Dave regarding the value of the
three guides. The comment is made that perhaps these guides are not from the
same spiritual realm that Dave is from, but rather from the spiritual realm
associated with earth plane incarnations. Since Dave's soul is not from this
realm, there may be some misalignment with the guides. However, these are the
guides who seem to be needed to supervise the life in Dave's earth incarnations.

Dave: There's a feeling of being encouraged to try experiences that don't turn
out the way they had been planned.

Facilitator: Did Luann's life go according to plan? Emissary Guide is asked for
insights on the life of Luann.

Emissary Guide: Luann was to have an unusually active mind. One that was
naturally geared towards the invention of things that could have positive impact
on society, but the three guides thought that a greater challenge could be had
if this task was undertaken in the body of a woman. There was frustration on the
part of Luann that she had been given bad advice, that she had incarnated into
an area where there was no chance of supporting the creative offspring of her
soul [Note: Edmund's life review had similar complaints], and no chance of
finding loving connections that would nurture her ambitions.

Facilitator: Were any agreements made prior to the life to provide support to
Luann for her interests?

Emissary Guide: The father and son were of similar wavelengths as Luann. There
was also a husband who was meant to have more impact in Luann's life, but he
died in a war. The father, son and husband were the primary agreements for
Luann's life. There were others, but they were not in the immediate area.

Facilitator: Had the husband lived and been able to provide Luann with his
protection, would Luann have had an opportunity to meet those others?

Emissary Guide: It was a poorly conceived, ill-advised undertaking.

Facilitator: Whose advice was responsible for this? Did the soul desire this
experience, or was he encouraged?

Emissary Guide: The guides played their role, but the soul made this choice.

Facilitator: Does this suggest that Dave's soul is particularly adventurous?

Emissary Guide: He was willing to cooperate against his better judgment.

Facilitator: Who encouraged him?

Emissary Guide: The three guides (Thor, Lazarus and Joshua).

Facilitator: Is it valid (a good idea) for Dave's soul to be advised by these
three guides?

Emissary Guide: There are a gamut of experiences that are considered as
essential on this plane, and part of the challenge of life is for the soul to
forge a path through these obstacles and find a way to navigate a course toward
the most positive outcome. We are encouraged to never fear the unpredictability
of the way a life can unfold. Much growth and wisdom may be gained when the
life is not as heavily bland. (Note from Facilitator: I wonder if this is a
reference to Edmund's life.) It is true that this soul has had more painful
experiences than others, but this [his experience] is more about the
unpredictable nature of this planet and the choices of the souls he has
encountered, than the overall intention of his life plans.

Facilitator, commenting: The observations from the Emissary seem to indicate
that, even though a better structure was planned for Luann so that she could
pursue the interests of her active mind, the overall value of the life as Luann
was essentially found in its challenges and unpredictability.

Facilitator: Is Dave's soul in agreement with the unpredictability and

Emissary Guide: Begrudgingly.

Facilitator, observing: It is almost as if this soul is taking on these
experiences not so much for its own development as for the development of the
collective. The Council stated in an earlier session that this soul was invited
to do this experience in order to acquire a deeply comprehensive experience of
physical plane life so that he could do his work of creating a bridge of
communication between non-physical and physical experiences of sentience. It
was not a requirement for him to incarnate here, so it seems that this
information-gathering by the soul is also being done on behalf of many others.

Dave commenting on his soul in the life as Luann: He just never realized it
would entail so much suffering.

Facilitator: Was Edmund's life a disappointment because it was so bland?

Emissary Guide: Edmund's was a life ruled by responsibilities to his family.
There was a lineage or dynasty that he was obligated to. Edmund had no interest
in supporting this, but did so out of loyalty to his family.

Facilitator: What was the primary goal for the life as Edmund?

Emissary Guide: The goal was to create magnificent musical compositions. Edmund
played piano and he had studied with some of the best piano teachers that money
could buy. The life was chosen to provide the freedom an ordinary survival life
could not have supported. Therefore, Edmund's creative pursuits would have been
enabled. The life became stifled by the demands and expectations of running the
family business.

Facilitator: In addition to the demands of running the family business, did
Edmund's soul bring into that life any beliefs that could have created
impediments to realizing his initial plan to create music?

Emissary Guide: Edmund's loyalty to the expectations of his family was perhaps
over-exceeded. But he did what was expected of him and did not see another
course of action he could take without hurting those that he loved. He accepted his obligations
rather stoically on the outside but often was dying on the inside.

Facilitator: Because he could not do his music?

Emissary Guide: Because he felt obligated to do those things in life that did
not feed the soul.

Facilitator: Thank you for these insights. They are much appreciated. We would
now like to invite Dave's Council to be present to assist Dave with further
exploration and understanding of his soul purpose.

(Council appears. Dave observes that there seem to be more than 40 in number -
similar to last time.)

Facilitator: On behalf of Dave, I'd like to address the Council. We were just
looking at the life of Edmund and how his obligations to his family diminished
his ability to become the composer. It seems he very vigorously took on the
role of family business supervisor. We are wondering about his current life.

Council: We thank you for your concern and openness in asking for guidance on
this soul's behalf. In this lifetime, Dave specifically sought to shelter
himself from the pain and suffering that he had experienced in so many lifetimes
before. There has been some reluctance on his part to even engage in normal
experiences for fear that things would go bad again. This is primarily a
lifetime of rest, and also a way to regain his footing in a world that has so
frequently kept him off balance.

Facilitator: Thank you. I very much appreciate your assistance. It is helpful
for Dave's continued journey. Dave has some questions regarding his loyalty to
and involvement with the Michael Teachings. His first question is what is the
nature of his involvement with these Teachings?

Council: The Michael Teachings are much in alignment with the inner directives
of Dave's soul to better understand the often quirky and unpredictable nature of
the human condition. The Teachings have provided Dave with a shortcut to his
understanding of why people are the way that they are. For that reason, Dave
has actively sought to help others find the Teachings - so that they too can
enjoy the benefits that he has derived from their study.

Facilitator: So the study of the Michael Teachings for Dave is very much in
alignment with his pioneering of physical plane existence with regard to
achieving a more comprehensive understanding of it?

Council: It has provided him with an easier template to sort out the often
difficult incongruities in the human personality.

Facilitator: Are these conflicting incongruities of the human personality
experienced in the world where Dave is from?

Council: No.

Facilitator: How can Dave establish a greater rapport with the community of
Michael Teachings students?

Council: One obstacle that has presented a conflict in achieving a greater
rapport has been his own protective need to shelter himself from those that he
feels will hurt him. There is some justification here in that Dave has
experienced an unusually long series of lifetimes that have been more unpleasant
than most souls usually encounter.

Facilitator: Despite this, is there a way that Dave can increase his rapport
with the other students?

Council: Dave can come to an understanding that trusting another individual
does not automatically mean that he will be maimed or killed. Dave feels
strongly justified in protecting himself from further suffering.

Facilitator: I understand. Would you comment on the past lives or [between
life] soul connections that he has with the soul currently embodied as Gloria

Council: These two souls are from similar origins. They share many commonalities
and pursuits, although the work that they do is different.

Facilitator: I assume that by work you mean the work that Dave does with
[connecting] the physical and non-physical worlds and that soul that is now
Gloria does not do the same work.

Council: The work that Gloria does largely involves healing, whereas Dave is
more focused on creating new avenues of communication between different systems
of existence.

Facilitator: Is Gloria's healing work for the soul rather than the body, or

Council: Gloria often heals on a case-by-case basis, but primarily works with
the healing of larger groups.

Due to Dave's fatigue, we end the session here. There is much follow-up
discussion and reflection between Dave and Gloria. Edmund's and Luann's and
Dave's lives are compared and contrasted. The information received from the
Emissary Guide and the Council is also discussed at length.

Announcements! / Server Went Down
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The servers for several of my sites went down today, and apparently during the process of restoring the forum, two days of posts were lost. In addition, if you registered for an account over the Easter weekend, you will probably need to register all over again. But first check to see if your account login is active. I apologize for the inconvenience.

You are welcome to reconstruct any missing posts and repost them if you'd like. Yes, I know, it's a depressing step backward, but we'll quickly move forward again and make up for what was lost.

In the future, I will be backing up the forum at least twice a day to ensure that this doesn't happen again.


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