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Chiara DB:
Oh neat, I'll look up the soundtrack! I like the originals too, probably time for a rewatch!

It's not a rousing romantic score with a theme you leave the theater humming, but quite serial in compositional techniques. What stands out more is the brilliant use of percussion instruments. You get a variety of colors and effects. Some of the instruments I can't even identify. I think one of the prominent sounds is someone shaking a large sheet of metal. That's what it sounds like to me.

And the music all works beautifully with the action occurring on screen, which is the whole point.


Ha! I love Youtube.  ;D

I found this clip of an orchestra doing a split screen of the score and the film. You hear bits of Stravinsky here, and Goldsmith borrows a fair amount of Bartok in other scenes, as well as some killer serial tone rows. Aside from the older special effects, the film holds up quite well. And the sober ending still has impact. It was so sober, in fact, that the end title has no music. Film-goers ushered out of the theater in silence. I guess they were trying to make a statement back then.

Most people forget that Rod Serling was involved in this film. I don't know if he wrote the final climactic scene, but it seems like a typical Twilight Zone ending.

Chiara DB:
That's great, thank you! I also have this up to listen to when I get off of work:


--- Quote from: Chiara DB on August 13, 2011, 12:29:51 AM ---The first hour or so is snoozeworthy IMO, but once the apes get together, it gets really good. It ends with a scenario that Michael has talked about in the past -- infant souls wanting to start their cycle here on Planet Earth. I found the whole idea extremely stimulating and cool, and the idea of having apes come to sentience in my native San Francisco Bay Area was just too awesome! I can't wait for the sequel when we get to see how San Francisco deals with having some hairy ape infant souls wanting to do their ape thing in their backyard!! Has anyone else seen this film?

--- End quote ---
Yes I saw it. Seems like a long time ago. Am glad to be reminded of it.

It's fun to think about the story from a Soul Age perspective, apes as Infant and etc. The struggles among the human's made it a good movie. Particularly the post apocalyptic challenges to Mature perspectives, dealing with survival issues, the many events that bring the Young into positions of authority and control, with its increasing risk of stupid, dumb, or fatal outcomes for the community as a whole.

I'd like a sequel to throw in some longer term, successful community survival, perspectives that can illustrate some Old Soul influences upon Mature Soul drama, Young Soul growth process, and an ape or two discovering the value of a rule or two.  :)


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