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I had always been fascinated with channeling.  While taking a class with Holly Coleman, I brought in pictures of my kids.  I had been having a very challenging relationship with my daughter.  Once Holly told me she was a King/Artisan I felt a whole new world of information opened up for me.  I could now understand why my daughter was they way she was.  The information was so valuable and I began using it as a frame of reference for many of my relationships. 

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« on: May 20, 2011, 07:43:52 PM »
Hi Doris,

JP VanHulle channeled years ago that my husband and I are Task Companions.  I can say from my own experience that "there is always a flavor of what are we going to do to move forward and support our task" which happens to be in this lifetime, to build community.  Where ever we go and live, we are the primary people that gather people together and usually from that comes great connections for those who meet.  Currently, (I am 60) and Peter is a bit younger, we have begun the pioneering, propagating and cultivating of the Dao.  We were given this energy transmission last June, and since that time we have brought the Dien Chuan Shr (the Master) to Las Vegas four times for almost 100 people to receive the Dao Blessing.  We also just finished a trip to No. California (Benicia) where we participated in a Dao Ceremony.  I am not completely sure "this is the ultimate in our building (Spiritual) community, but it certainly adds to our task as Task Companions.

Hope this helps,


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