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General Discussion / Re: What attracted you to the mt?
« on: July 20, 2011, 01:21:56 AM »
The Michael teachings ended up being the most reasonable place to be in my search for like-minded people and just plain good "down-to-earth" good information. I "knew" things from the time I was very very young but there sure wasn't anyone to talk to about them or who even understood what I was trying to tell them.  In the 1930's and 40's there were worldly things to think about and I'm not sure that, other than churchgoers which my family wasn't, people even thought about anything spiritual much less metaphysical.

 In the 50's I was working at Stanford Research and met up with a lot of neat science-oriented people - who LOVED to debate!!  And debate we did - about everything including "God" - funny thing happened at one of our get-togethers - whatever the subject was that night, it included God in a big way.  I skirted around using the word "God" and tried all the descriptive things I could think of to say.  One of the guys finally said to me "We're all talking about the same thing but you are refusing to call it the word the rest of us understand so therefore, we don't understand you.  To discuss things with others you have to use language others know!".  Wow, what a lesson for me! 

Getting to know this group was a wonderful time in my life but it was over when I left and moved to L.A. where life and the "good times" got in the way.  Even then, at my party girl best, I would have flashes of insight and know.  Mostly what I knew was that no matter what it seemed physically, I was still ok and would be kept from going over the edge.  Funny how many times that was true - I would back off something and take the other path even though "I" had no idea why - just that I wouldn't go there.  And so life went on - and on and on and on - and I tried it all - some good and some bad but never boring.  And always there were the strange little peeks behind the veil where I just knew - and still no soul mate that actually could understand what I was trying to say and talk with me.   Mind you, I was never lonely cause I had this neat guide? inner being? ET? that was always there when I would listen but I still longed for a physical person who just "got it". 

Long story shortened - A few years ago I discovered Seth.  Yes, yes, yes!  but still not complete.  Then I started poking around and found Bashar, Kryon (one of my favorites) , others, and finally Abraham where I thought my journey was complete.  I went on Abe cruises, went to seminars, was online every day with the group and made lots of really good like-minded  friends.   I was a tiny bit discomfited when I went to a two day seminar at Jerry and Esther's home in San Antonio - It was a great get together but it all smacked a bit of "lives of the rich and famous" - And the whole channeling seemed to be more and more about attracting the same life style rather than attracting happiness.   As the list got more and more new people (attracted from "The Secret" and such) that were more interested in physical gain (stuff, things, possessions) than in understanding the universe and all that it meant, I started looking again and that's when I found the Michaels.  Hurrah!

I don't always agree with everything the community has to say but it's all interesting.  I'm a 4th old Scholar and knowing that and my overleaves has helped me understand others as well as myself.  I feel like everyone on the list is family and it's almost like I know you all personally.  I joined the community in 2002, got the Michael books as fast as possible and  Shepherd did my chart for me in 2003.  There are still areas of the teachings that I don't understand (or frankly even care about) but overall this group and our mentors are so all-encompassing that I find  a new aha moment almost everyday.  I love being part of all this.

General Discussion / The "I" of it all
« on: July 07, 2011, 03:48:38 PM »
After pondering this for a long, long while - intensely for the last few months - it seems to me that we are all spinning our wheels somewhat.  Everyone is giving forth their opinions and descriptions of everything and they all start with "I" - simply because, as human physical beings, that's ALL we can understand.  How does one describe what happens in the silence of meditation when a huge breakthrough occurs and understanding just IS?  How do "I" tell "you" with words when all either of us can communicate is our human understanding - only our soul/essence/inner being/fragment can know what's beyond the veil and the physical "I" is allowed only a mere peek from time to time. 

That said, I (the physical one) find it rather amusing and perhaps a bit pompous when someone deigns to tell us all how it is - here, in the hereafter, worldly or astral.  When I hear someone describe the astral, the TAO, the akashic library, the meaning of life, what the perfect world would be like, etc, etc, my first thought is "How do you KNOW?"    I read somewhere that even the Michaels can't describe the TAO at this point in their evolution.

But still we try.  We are all in this together and the search for the WHY is great.  The desire to understand is overwhelming sometimes.  All humans are searching - not all from the same viewpoint but all for the answers that slake their own personal thirst.  And, because the answers we arrive at appease us, it is human to think they are the right answers and try to get others to join us in our "knowledge" - whether we be scientist, pastor, housewife, artist or guru - or whomever!  So "I" sit here and think "Wow, "I" don't know!!!" and somewhere deep inside of me there is something saying "It doesn't matter that "you" don't know - I know!!!"

Scholar / Re: Theory
« on: April 16, 2011, 12:59:21 AM »

Scholars learn by getting involved with things. You can start with what someone says and investigate, or you can just jump in. That's more a matter of other overleaves.

To take a very simple example? Does the sun go around the Earth, or does the Earth go around the Sun? Most people today would answer the latter, but only because they've been taught that in school. They do not have the mathematics and physics grounding to actually understand things they may have seen, such as a Focult's Pendulum.

Why don't they? For some people, it just doesn't matter, and recognizing what doesn't matter is one of the beginnings of wisdom. Many of the rest are afraid that the math might be too hard or dozens of other excuses. It's all fear.


John Roth
Good statement John!  It takes a lot of physical years to get there but at 80 I almost believe I have finally achieved the "beginnings of wisdom".  All the trivial stuff that makes up day to day living in a lifetime is mere distraction.  Now this old scholar just has a ball exploring (my Bing search button is worn out  :D) and none of it "matters' - it's just fun to gather information and ponder it for a while and then on the the next thread.  Wonderful life I'm leading now!

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