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It is pretty well understood why people get type 2 diabetes or many other diseases. Yet that does not stop a large number of people continuing the root cause behaviour. Then they expect to come to a doctor, get a pill, walk away, carry on doing what they were doing before, eating the pill. If that does not work they blame the doctor. That is how I meant it.

I would not say the root causes of most diseases are well understood. A low carbohydrate diet helps to control diabetes. I am no diabetes expert, see Dr. Bernstein, but yeah. Bad dietary, medical advice causes diabetes. People didn`t get most illnesses before. Gary Taubes is my reference for this.

The American diet is the leading cause of type 2 diabetes and other common diseases. Unfortunately, we're raised on this diet and it's drummed into our psyche everyday by the mere act of living in this country. Under those circumstances it's very difficult to make healthy choices.

After a long day of work and commuting, for instance, most Americans opt for the Big Mac rather than a healthy home cooked meal with a fresh green salad. And it's ironic that with all the choices afforded to most Americans, we collectively seem to make the worst possible choices regarding our health. But Americans as a whole tend to be overworked and stressed, and the choices they make are largely borne out of convenience. That's not a good excuse but it seems to be our current reality.



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