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Hi Gerard,

You could, of course, have all of this information channeled for you. It would still need to be personally validated to gauge its applicability, but that would be a good start. Beyond that, you could become more sensitive to those nagging yearnings that won't seem to go away. Observe your impulses and any compulsions that make you wonder: "Now why on earth do I feel compelled to explore that?" Personal interests often reveal shadows from past lives, and inner yearnings may reveal parts of your life task. Though, it may not be that definable. My major life task, for example, is to discard parts of self that no longer fit for me -- I'm like Humpty Dumpty putting myself back together again. This, no doubt, is something that mostly occurs on a subconscious level. So as I said before, it's not easily definable. I just hope I don't have an awful egg smell. ;-) 



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