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Hello everyone,
I'm a 7th level mature artisan living down under...very excited to find a forum where I can get some clarification/assistance. I've been into Michael teachings for about 20 years, but am still boggled by many areas of study - looking forward to talking to you all in the forum! - Nelly

It's great to have you here, Nelly.


This reads like a beginner's language class where everyone stands up and says HI my name is I come from... awesome!

So Hi my name is Fiona, people also know me as Bridget and Merlyn and yes, I answer to all three. ( see hobbies where you dress up in funny clothes and forget the real world for a while)

I live in Germany but I'm from Canada after having been born and raised for a while in Scotland.

I discovered the Ms around the age of 19 thanks to my little brother who discovered the 1st book in the library. We both read the book and had an a-hah moment where the world clicked into place and it made some sort of sense. I've regarded the teachings as sort of guide lines ever since. My personal motto tends to towards "Be excellent to each other now let me read my book in peace thanks.".

According to the amazing Shepherd H (done in 2004) I am the following combination of bits...
Scholar with a discarnate artisan ET, cadre / entity 1/2, ( not the same 1 as in the common system so this confuses me a lot) power, submission,stoic,passion,intellectual moving part, arrogance (hell yes) soul age 4 manifesting as the same.

 I'm either a lot of fun at parties or I sulk in the corner.

I tend to lurk a lot but I've been with Dave's group for a really long time now on and off. I feel more like an observer than an actual player apparently that has to do with my cadre/entity than anything else. Mostly I just like to lurk and read, learn etc... I'm a lot like a moody magpie.


Welcome, Fiona!   :)

Wow, 1/2 in Shepherd's numbering? That places you in a cadre group that's before the one most Michael students hail from. You're a rarity in these parts. I don't think I've ever encountered anyone from an earlier cadre group. Very cool.


Greetings  :)

I am Nancy, and I'm a total newbie when it comes to the MT.   Found out about them doing a websearch for something completely different (synchonicity being what it is of course).  Been sussing out where I fit within the parameters of MT and an outline has come to me of where I am in the greater scheme of it all...and I am happily surprised at how it all dovetails rather neatly with esoteric astrology and the Cayce readings.   

That being said, I may not say much, and lurk for a while til I get my feet under me.  Right now I am also in the process of studying for my BA in Social Psychology (long story there) whilst being a Domestic Goddess <or as my kids tell me Queen of the Universe>.


Nancy :-)


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