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@ped cool comment^^
 I'm an Intellectual/Moving, Stoic, Old 2 sage with Self-Deprecation/Impatience, Caution and Goal of Acceptance, and the other things I don't know yet.

Chiara DB:
And you are completely adorable, at least to me. Welcome, Raoul! :)


--- Quote from: Chiara DB on August 14, 2011, 06:20:55 PM ---Another King! Soon we will be ruling this board with an iron fist!! ;D

--- End quote ---

Isn't that what we do already? This is North Korea, remember? ;-)


Chiara DB:
LOL! Oh yeah, I forget sometimes, the barbed wire is so pretty here.... ;)

I love the pretty barbed wire! And since our newcomers are only required to crawl one time beneath the barracks where the spiders and the vermin live, I think you could say our forum is surprisingly progressive. ;-)

Dave -- not a king with an iron fist, but would an iron plate in the head do?


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