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Thanks Chiara,

The barbed wire adds atmosphere; love what you've done with the place.   ;)  Do forums naturally attract Kings or something?  Something about the short, tidy posts marching neatly in rows? 



--- Quote from: Elisa on August 16, 2011, 03:33:08 AM ---Thanks Chiara,
Do forums naturally attract Kings or something?  Something about the short, tidy posts marching neatly in rows? 


--- End quote ---

Haha‚ĶI love that image.  ;)

Mary Lou:
okay, guess it is time to introduce myself and to quit lurking. 

My name is Mary Lou.  had my chart done this summer and I am a level 3 mature server.  11 cycle, 200 lives so far.  my goal is acceptance.  I am a spiritualist and my mode is caution.  My frequency is 47 

My needs are security, power and adventure.

Emotionally centered in the Intellect part ? not sure about this and if I am reading it right

my essensce twin in disincarnate but is a scholar.

6th cadience, 6th greater cadience, cadre/casting 7/4

Mary Lou

Hi. My summarized, channeled Michael info, from 2010. I was in my late 30's then...

Old 2, manifesting Old 1-2
Sage, with Priest casting; King cadence; Artisan Greater Cadence.

ET: discarnate Scholar
Task Companion: Artisan female currently living in Eastern Europe.

Side: Love;
Goal: Flow;
Mode: Power;
Attitude: Spiritualist;
Moving part of Intellectual.
CF's:  Stubbornness, Greed, Impatience, Martyrdom

Mercurial/Venusian/Lunar:  45/40/15
Frequency: 41
M/F: 57/43

Grand Cycles: 12
Lifetimes: 177
Cadre/Entity: 5/7

...May comment from time to time here (such as about how lousy it is being this soul age), or I may not.  Thanks for mentioning this forum recently in the yahoo group. I was unaware of it.  Can't say I have utilized the teachings fully, but the soul age concept has been helpful for acceptance of self and others, and toward understanding perhaps my challenges this lifetime. 

I have rather used astrology as my main tool for self-understanding  (as well as many of the other personality systems that have been mentioned in this thread, in my younger years).  Also spent many years arduously healing past lives. 

I think I am feeling isolated and lonely at the moment and hoping to find a bit of camaraderie.  Eh... we'll see.

Unrelated:  A suggestion would be to make this Introductions thread visible on front board page.

Chiara DB:
Welcome, Sojourner! This forum has been quiet for a while, but hopefully we can get it hopping again! I am curious about your goal of Flow, so maybe I'll start a new thread to ask you about it :)


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