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John Roth:
I suppose I should say a few words about myself. (Down Igor! Not that 25 words or less jazz!)

The last time I had overleaves channeled they turned out to be a 6th level Old Scholar with an Artisan Essence twin, an Idealist with a Goal of Growth, in either Caution or Observation mode. Emotional part of Intellectual center with a chief feature of stubbornness. My mind keeps wanting to stick Pragmatist in there instead of Idealist.

Mundanely, I'm a retired software developer currently living in Albuquerque. Lots of people think that's because I took a wrong turn on the road to Reality.

I got involved with things spiritual when I learned astrology because my current GF was interested, and then got further involved when a friend hauled me out to a guest night for something called "Inward Bound" back in 1977. Got shakti-pat, did several varieties of energy work, joined a spiritual commune and hung out with an ex-Baptist minister who had turned into a channel and spiritual healer. The commune folded and I returned to the mundane world where I learned a bit of NLP and then found the Michael Teachings in the early 80s. Went to the Rajneesh ashram in India, came back and got married, then divorced.

I spent all of 2001 out in Benecia, California with J.P. vanHulle, but I haven't been in contact since leaving in 2002.

I'm a wild card in the 3rd entity of the 1st cadre (3rd according to Shephard's numbering), and also a walk-in, which is something I don't usually care to talk about.

Well, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

John Roth

Mature Scholar here saying HI!  8)

Welcome, Chiara!  Though you did sign up before me.   :D

I've been into things spiritual since my early 20s and divided that interest with my interest in partying (no drugs, etc.), rock dancing, running around in nature, and researching whatever catches my interest.

I hope to get a channeling soon so people have a better understanding of who I am.

I'm sorry if I am pushing a sensitive button, but what do you mean by "walk-in"?

Chiara DB:

--- Quote from: Elisabeth on April 14, 2011, 04:32:53 AM ---Hi Chiara! :)

I'm a 'newer' student, but am also a King (6th Mature).
Not sure how often I'll be posting here but it'd be nice to have some future kingly conversations with you. ;)  

--- End quote ---

Absolutely, Elisabeth -- there aren't too many of us around, apparently! :D


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