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What Attracted You To The Michael Teachings?

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Note: I've decided to answer the question before reading any of the answers so as to be most authentically "me."

I was seeking in a very systematic fashion for "something." I'd spend weeks in Wikipedia reading about ancient history, mythology, religion, and tracing clues back and forth across Tibet to Mesopotamia. Somedays, I was nested 12 or more pages deep following links as I veered off this way and that. Somehow or other, I landed on the Michael Teachings page in Wikipedia. I had a focus.

So, I was off and running on the Michael Teachings website. But what was the single-most thing that caught and held me? Soul Ages. That made sense. I had been reading various books and authors since the early 1960s. I'd read "The Search for Bridey Murphy" as a teen in the late 50s. I'd read all of the Cayce books that were published during the 60s/70s, the Seth books, Blavatsky's "Veil of Isis," and "The Secret Doctrine," along with both the Egyptian and Tibetan "Books of the Dead." Reincarnation was the only thing that made sense to me, but I still couldn't figure out the mechanics of it.

The way that Michael discusses reincarnation totally removes the punitive aspects of it. It simply makes everything else I've read to be pointers along the way. Even karma is "just" balance. Since I already operated under the idea of understanding coming through genuine experience, karma makes absolute sense. How can you appreciate whatever you've done without walking in the moccasins of the other? And, this includes Tao. How can Tao KNOW something without experiencing it. This is what we do.

But, having Essence go through growth and development through all of its incarnational experiences is a critical piece of the puzzle. It removes the feeling of being a puppet. What we do through ourselves includes our fragment within, which is Essence. None of us will live as the exact same Personality or incarnation again. *I* will not be born again. Essence will be.

I achieved great peace accepting the idea that there are no right or wrong choices. My entire life clicked into resonance as everything that I'd ever done MATTERED. All of it. The pleasant and the unpleasant. How else could it be? It all made sense.

The initial attraction of MT for me is to find an interpretation of everything instead of the thing itself. It’s so interesting for me to know what Michael’s view on Buddha, Jesus and Laozi, who they are, what they do and where they are from. The same as many of others, soul age is definitely fascinating. I somewhat believe in practice makes perfect (but I am kind of lazy in deeds comparing to my belief). It is much more convincing to believe in soul age than becoming enlightened suddenly or just through meditation. The observation of people in my life increased my interest to know more about MT. I think it is at least a goal for me to become more tolerant to live with people of different soul ages and overleaves, though I know I am still very unskillful in dealing with conflicts most probably due to my aggression mode.
Another factor is not the teaching itself, but the people involved. Many are old souls. And some are impressive old7. Their values make me feel so comfortable with. Their perspectives are so enlightening. It’s a great thing for me hear what older souls say about the world before entering that phase. So far, I think they are very smart and worth learning. Without Dave’s dedication to the website, my chance of knowing MT is small. Thanks Dave~

Everything. There really is not an aspect of it that is not of interest to me. I devour this type of stuff. One thing though that MT has, that many other systems don't, is the abundance and breath of the material. Also the option to take part in live channeling chats. Later on I have also discovered that more thematic material keeps coming and I am unlikely to ever run out of material to study. I have been interested in esoterics, occult, personality systems, metaphysics and spirituality since teen years, so none of that was new to me with MT. I suppose I also resonate with Michael's particular way of explaining things. And I like systems and this is very systematic.
The fist mention of MT for me was in the comments under one of Veronica Entity YouTube videos. Hungry to find out more about Veronica or anything similar, I looked up "Michael Teachings" and ended up at Dave's site.

In 1979, right after my divorce, I was lost.  Although I joined and worked at the Rosicrucian Order, the teachings left more questions than they answered.  I found the book "Messages from Michael," and the book kept me enthralled, interested and engaged.  I read it over and over and "knew" my own overleaves from the information given.  Soon, I sought out Michael channels and learned I was a 4th level old Sage, which truly resonated with me and explained why, in the midst of any crisis, I seek humor.  Since then, I have been privileged to channel Michael and continue to be amused by how much humor they bring to truth. 

The beauty of Michael is that each essence role feels connected by what is uniquely "them."  With Michael....all you have to do is show up!

John Roth:
I ran across MfM in the early 80s, and like most Michael Students, it attracted me and immediately made sense, where Seth, Ramtha and all of that ilk were interesting information but never really coalesced. In retrospect some of the information from Seth fills in pieces. So does some of the information from Michael Newton, but Michael provides a framework that attracts me.

This is the usual reaction if you've got an agreement to study with Michael. I've never found anyone without an agreement who's attracted.


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