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What is for you the special benefit of the Michael Teaching?

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The special benefit of the MT for me has been to validate the feelings and questions I've been struggling with all my life.  There was always a sprinkling of self-doubt; i.e., am I crazy for feeling this way?  When I discovered MT back in the day, it was a liberating feeling of relief.  Recently getting my overleaves channeled was another welcome sense of validation and knowledge.

It has also helped me make sense of some of the things that have happened in my life.

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Chiara DB:
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The benefits...
Well, I first discovered the Michaels in the Fall of 2007 and immediately began absorbing as much info as I could.

Before that, I had studied astrology, numerology, Reiki, psychic awareness, intuition, tarot, the eneagram, and various forms of meditation.

The Michael teachings stood out to me because it was a coherent map of the evolution of the soul and how the personality is designed by the soul.

I have been channeled as 1st old, 5-6 old, and 6 old...and as an Artisan, a King, and a Sage (channeled as Priest-cast all 3 times!).  Through my own validation process, I've accepted that I am a 6th old priest-cast SAGE.

Without going into the profound experiences of validation for my overleaves, the michaels, and the teachings, I can say that the benefits have been more clarity within my own being, experiencing AGAPE for myself and my life, and a great deal of healing.  Also, I have a much greater awareness of when I am coming from personality/false personality and when I am coming/acting from true personality and essence.  This awareness is part of what I mean when I say a "greater clarity in my being." 

I found these teachings in the middle of my 4th Internal Monad, and they were pivotal for me in working through the monad with a greater grace and ease.  I'm still in the monad (5th stage, apparently...).  Meeting my essence twin in the middle of this monad was also a great boost to my self-awareness, growth, and progression through this monad.

I continue to soak up, apply, and validate these teachings.  I love telling people about my non-physical teacher and seeing how they react;-)



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