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John Roth:

--- Quote from: jo on September 15, 2011, 11:41:39 PM ---ok, thanks. But doesn't it has to be called "within a given time". Because there is no average "at a given time" ::).
maybe within the given time of one day or week/month/year...
I see my scholar ET ^^

Greeting, jo

--- End quote ---

Prepositions that refer to time are interesting. It's at a given time, on a given day, in a given month. It seems to regard time as a place that has a size relative to your size: you can be near a small amount of time (at), on an amount of time that's the same size you are, or inside a block of time that's much larger than you are.

You can see the progression from something you can stand close to (at), something you can stand on (on) and something you can be within (in). This is part of the "everything is a metaphor for everything else" school of linguistics.

Michael seems to be discussing a single point in them, you seem to want to regard is as a more extended period.

John Roth


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