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"I make florays all the way down to Infant, though."

I did my post and went running out the door, and I didn't take time to phrase it well.  By "down" I didn't mean less in any way, only in terms of number of times reincarnated.  Who can say that a college student is better or has more inherent intelligence than a child in kindergarten?  More maturity, but in my case, not always, lol.  I have been very lucky in that I've been able to sidestep social expectations to a great extent, including the pitchforks and flaming torches.   :)

I just wanted to add...  It turns out that I have a fascination with categorizing people.  It's inherently interesting, plus it helps me understand people and improve my relationship with them.  As long as any category isn't used as an ego trip, I'm all for putting labels on who people are, for that understanding, as long as the labels are flexible enough that they can change as the person changes or as a better category is found.  I've found labeling personality- or soul-wise to be a good, but not perfect, indication as to who will have my interests and values.  I would enjoy having Infant and Baby souls posting here since I'd like their take on spiritual and psychological matters.

Dave, French vanilla ice cream would go a long way toward bumping me to Old Soul, and even to full enlightenment if the supply is endless.   :D

Chiara DB:

--- Quote from: Dave Gregg on April 18, 2011, 08:02:31 PM ---Some students turn soul age into such a hierarchical measurement that I got frustrated once and changed my profile at the MT site to Infant soul. I don't think I've changed it back. And I'm rather amused just imagining the raised eyebrows it creates. ;-)

--- End quote ---

Haha, love it Dave! Love anything that busts up that kind of thinking :)

I think you'll find that the poll will be almost all mature and old.  Three explanations:  1) channelers are telling people what they want to hear; 2) only mature and old souls are interested; 3) other soul ages are interested but do not post.

It's probably #2. 

It is interesting to see such a large proportion of old souls, considering they are only 10-12% of the population.

Chiara DB:
I think most young souls would think this was just kooky time-wasting airy-fairy cacapoopoo, though if they figured out a way to utilize it to get something else they wanted, they would play along. Baby souls would think it's satanic, and Infant souls are in another world altogether and have their own stories about the Tao.


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