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Astrology and the Priest
« on: June 08, 2011, 08:04:41 PM »
There are seven Roles: Priest, Servant (Slave), King, Warrior, Scholar, Artisan, and Sage. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro first presented this concept in her book Messages from Michael. The brief descriptions for each role will follow:


When allowed to, Priests choose incarnations that enable them to explore the unconscious and the emotions. They are interested in religions of all kinds, meditation, psychology, dreams, psychic phenomena, and other areas that take them beyond the five senses and the material world. Because of their drive to explore other realms, some find themselves in trouble with drugs and alcohol, but usually only in their early incarnations. They eventually share the insight and understanding that they gain in their explorations with others as spiritual leaders, healers, counselors, ministers and teachers. They are rarely found in subservient positions, since these do no provide the freedom to pursue the understanding and wisdom they crave.
   Pisces (water) is a favorite sign, but only in conjunction with the fire signs, which help Priests develop the leadership skills they need to act as spiritual guides or teachers. Sagittarius (fire) is their other favorite sign. Leo (fire) and Aries (fire) are frequently chosen as well, but only to aid their search for understanding and the acquisition of spiritual strength and leadership, not for gaining power in a material or mundane sense. Virgo (earth) is not a favorite sign, nor is it particularly needed. A lack of humility is not usually a problem with this Role, since the ego’s desires don’t hold as much sway for Priests as they do for the other Roles.
   As for the elements, Priests’ charts are most often composed of fire and water signs, some air, and little earth. Occasionally, these charts contain earth to help Priests acquire the following that they need. For the most part, Priests gain their following because of their spiritual power and not because of material success.
   Besides an abundance of fire and water, another clue to identifying this Role is in the Moon’s nodes. The nodes are most often in Gemini/Sagittarius, although Leo/Aquarius is common, too. Since the life task and Role are often related, analyzing the nodes is helpful in identifying the Role.
   The life tasks for this Role can take many forms and usually pertain to providing spiritual guidance and understanding.
   Depending on the culture, this may mean psychological guidance or even medical guidance, as with shamans. Although some people who perform these functions have little traditional training, all but the most undeveloped Priests involve themselves in stringent mental and spiritual disciplines to attain the caliber of understanding required of them. Consequently, air signs are important in acquiring the educational training and social skills they need to fulfill their tasks. Of the air signs, Libra and Gemini are most frequently chosen. Libra provides counseling skill, while Gemini supplies the curiosity and motivation to learn what is needed to be a spiritual teacher. Aquarius is chosen least because it doesn’t allow them the leadership and authority they enjoy. Priests give comfort and healing to those they serve, but they are not one of them.
   Scorpio is the water sign most favored by Priests, after Pisces. Cancer is chosen the least. The dependency, emotional involvement, and responsibilities entailed in family life do not foster leadership skills nor allow them enough freedom. Likewise, Scorpio is not as ideal as Pisces. Yet the lessons pertaining to dependency, intimacy, and relationship cannot be entirely avoided even by Priests.
   The earth sign most favored is Capricorn because it fosters leadership and initiative. Taurus and Virgo, on the other hand, are two of the least chosen signs. These signs rarely aid the Priest’s work, and their lessons are not particularly difficult for them to master.
   The other fire signs, Aries and Leo, are helpful and favored as well. Rarely do Priests lack strength in the element of fire, since the life task is likely to need fire. If little fire is present in the Priest’s chart, the individual may have developed the fiery gifts so completely in other lifetimes that fire needs to be represented only minimally. Because an element that is totally absent is a clue to characteristics that are not important to the life task, this information should be used in delineating the Role and the life task.

Signs Most Frequently Chosen by Priests (water and fire):
Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Leo and Aries

Talents of Priest: counseling, speaking, spiritual healing, religious leadership

Tendencies That May Need Balancing: too much introspection; needs to develop relationship skills