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Understanding casting

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I have scholar casting. And can see it pretty clearly, as most of the time it comes across first to others, before my kingliness... it was always that I was the one who 'knows/knew' something. Not always in a know-it-all way, but it's been a pattern that people assume that I'm quick on the uptake, know what's going on and that I'm always paying attention and will know the answer to their question, or will be able to help them. Random people often look to me for information/help.

Greg told me once that he felt kings were scholars on steroids. And that for a king with scholar casting it's much about "knowledge is power", with an archetype of "master librarian". Which I can see for myself. I'm also resourceful and have my own sort of library of sorts and I enjoy being called upon to be of service in that way. Recommending books, helping people find what they need (in a masterful way). I'd love some day also to teach a printmaking class or to actually be in charge of a small library.

Sometimes I get really bad about 'misinformation'. I don't like fuzziness, but, I also hate close-mindedness where the person won't consider other informational opinions or sources (that could be an effect of Flow too). But if something is being mis-interpreted or someone is being mis-informed, it takes a lot for me to not say anything. There's a home video of me at age 5 where my sister is being asked how old she is and she's holding up the wrong age (in fingers), and I am in the background looking directly at the cameraman going "she's THREE. NO, she's THREE. (how old are you M? 2?)...  She's THREE... " until I got my point across.

I cringe at people getting the "wrong idea", or if I'm not told the truth or am informed badly.

But yes, People see me as quite scholarly and as always having a book in my hands or in my bag.

It seems to quell the king energy, but works well with it most of the time.

And what book do you have in your hand right now?  ;)

You should post that home video at age 5. That's a fun story.


Haven't quite understood it, too, by now. I wonder if the Cardinal Casting (Server, Artisan, Warrior) is then positive/initiating etc. and the Ordinal Casting (sage, priest, king) is then negative/passive. That would be strange. Or if it's just a matter of strength.


--- Quote from: Betty on October 17, 2011, 07:02:41 PM ---And that there was a projection of authority, often seen as a firmness that is broadcast even when I remain in the wings and don't say a words.

--- End quote ---

I think that's because of the Power Mode, not? Sage + Sage entity.


--- Quote from: jk on May 29, 2011, 12:23:14 PM ---I have a Sage casting and I am a software developer. I can't quite see a connection.

--- End quote ---
Sages are often in the field of it-jobs. Idealist + Intellectual center, i would guess, is the motivator.


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