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John Roth:

--- Quote from: Betty on June 15, 2011, 10:14:59 PM ---
Of course, I do enjoy helping others occasionally, and I do have most of the attitude of the server—but only when I feel like it.  Don’t  expect  it of me.   My fulfillment does not come from serving others.  It comes from many different things.  (I will say that my “winning the lotto” fantasy has just as much to do with helping others monetarily as it does with helping myself.  But I think that might be true of everyone.)

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This is the essential piece that sometimes doesn't come through - servers are attracted to things that they feel are beneficial, not things other people think are beneficial.

One way to look at it is to look at the energy: ordinal inspirational. That means the drive is internal and looking for an outlet, which will usually be expressed in the immediate, not in the "big picture" things that Priests get involved in.

I agree with your other point: the standard answer for the lack of servers on the forums is a bit facile. It is, however, the only answer we've got. Nobody has done any real studies that I'm aware of.

John Roth

Hmm. My mind feels constantly ablaze but it's surprisingly difficult to explain what actually goes on. Having scholar casting, I usually find myself researching personal interests. But I guess as I described my thoughts once as thinking about people and emotions, moods, psychological meanderings, fashion/style, history, literature, time-periods, architecture, art, etc. I'd say everything has the tint of being primarily psychological, humanistic, and mostly is in reference to My Self, which I think is mostly from being a mature soul in passion mode. Otherwise, I do look at my environment or "environments of the past", colors, shapes, people, energies, patterns of life... observational, then taking those things/people in and thinking about them.

i.e. I am affected by my environment, emotions and history, so then find myself wanting to get a lot of information or images on those things/curiosities.

I'm also always thinking in terms of self-actualization, and of trying to have more emotional awareness and to enjoy the vibrancies of life, liking to know how my emotions function, analyzing how I feel or have felt in the past. I also like daydreaming of developing and living my own lifestyle (or 'mastering' one). Being myself. I also think of what I want to put out into the environment, of what people will see when they see me, qualities, how I can influence my space/environment or the spaces of others.

So possibly, my thinking boils down to: how I influence things-environment-people and how things-environment-people influence me.

Chiara DB:

--- Quote from: jk on June 16, 2011, 12:08:35 AM ---Chiara, I am a full time employed single mum of teens and I think that accounts for it :)

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I can only imagine how busy you must be!

--- Quote ---This is quite a helpful thread, because it turns my attention to realising what it actually is that I let happen in my head. I would not say I spend 100% of time the way I have described, its more that those kind of things pop into my head automatically. In general, my mind is very busy. I am Intellectually centered. Constant thinking. The racing ahead must be my CF of Impatience.

--- End quote ---

I can really relate to this. I'm not intellectually centered, but I think I have the intellectual trap, so if I am not dealing with my emotions, the intellectual center goes into overdrive. I also have impatience. I was raised with parents who spent their entire lives essentially dithering and/or dropping the ball about everything important, so I am programmed to constantly be scanning the situation, trying detect what's not being taken care of or might not be taken care of. It's really a lousy way to be. I've gotten a lot (A LOT) better with this, but I'm kind of disappointed to realize that I still have a less intense version of this going on in my head.

--- Quote ---I am trying to force myself to switch off, slow down, be in the moment, or at the very least to know that I am not. Sometimes it's such a hard work.

--- End quote ---

I can relate to this as well. I was meditating every day for a couple months, and that worked very well. I don't know why I stopped -- I guess my inner wounded child will do anything to avoid doing things that involve self-care. She sits there with her arms crossed and says "No, YOU take care of me, Mom and Dad!" Gotta have a talk with that one... :)

I'm a reference librarian, and when I first started in the profession almost 20 years ago, I was like a kid in the candy store.

Well in that sense, I (Artisan) am as a kid in a candy store in Hobbycraft (Arts and Crafts store). The first time I got there, my kids (Warrior and Server, but pretty arty and crafty themselves), ended up having to ask "Mummy can we go now?"


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