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I'm like that too in office-art-stationery supply warehouses... pens, pencils, paper, paints, notebooks... going back to school was always enormously exciting. ;)

mtscholar, do you also have a sort of fetish for library bound books? Or is that more of an artisan thing? (the colors are amazing) I think they're one of my favorite things in the world. sigh. I'd love to learn how to bind books like that some day, and be on book repair duties in a library. Does your love of libraries have to do with all the information at your disposal and being left alone with it all? I have scholar casting so I can relate some but I love libraries more for the fact that they're filled with books and that I see myself as being a good possible 'caretaker' for them, being in charge, knowing where they go, shelving them properly, the sense of being surrounded by 'friends', seeing that those friends have homes... 

I've never worked in a library but I'd love to someday, in a small one. My mum works at one in a dance and drama school. Has a great collection and I always like visiting her, feasting over all the art books.

I love books, but above all I love information. When I entered the profession in the early 90s, the Internet was just coming into public awareness, and I plunged into the world of computers headlong, and since that time have been a technogeek. Nowadays that's pretty much a requirement in my field anyway. My partner got us each a Kindle a while back, and I've enjoyed reading books on that platform.

Having said all of that, I don't find reading on the Kindle quite as satisfying as reading a book. A book's font type and size, cover, and general layout individuate that book in a physical way. Books on the Kindle tend to all have the same look and feel, so something is lost, at least to me.

I was just thinking about this thread today, and lo and behold, you've added to it. Raoul, as a Sage, do you find you sometimes "turn" a gathering of people into an audience? My brother is a Sage, and used to do that a lot when he was younger. Not as much anymore, for whatever reason.

I just had my profile redone, and it turns out I'm not a Server at all.  I'm a King-cast Sage.  This actually fits me much better than the server role.  And it explains why so many characteristics of a server did not fit me.  Go figure.

My name? 

No I don't have self-dep.  My primary CF is arrogance, my secondary is stubbornness. 

I thought I was a server, too (probably because of cultural imprinting), but so many of the things didn't fit me that I had a difficult time with it.  However, the sage role (the steadier type, not the "in front of an audience" type) fits me very well.

My cadre/entity is 2/5.  My ET is artisan.  My TC is a warrior.


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