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btw, Betty is my real name; it's not a nickname.   ;)

I'm an Artisan with a discarnate Sage thoughts go all over the place...often I hear a song in my head and my mind is building a mental picture related to that song at the same time....suddenly I might think of Cleopatra and ancient egypt and next thing is, what would I love to have for lunch today...then hmm I should call Charles to know what it's like to be a new dad.. then hmm I wanna read something interesting...

In short, they are all over the place. People around me, especially my hubby and best friend are often amazed at the speed my mind goes from subject A to subject B and subject Z...Lol! An image of a purple quilt with MOTHER TERESA on top of it just flashed through my mind.

Am I crazy?


--- Quote ---I'm an Artisan with a discarnate Sage ET....
--- End quote ---

Interesting....I'm a Sage with a discarnate Aratisan ET.

Actually I have noticed that a lot of the time I am sort of singing in my head. Sometimes its more like an automatic rhythm, than singing. Sometimes I even mentally sing what i need to do :D

Betty, about the re-done profile - Troy has channeled that we have multiple sets of Overleaves - Private, Public and True. So this kinda complicates the matter and in this sense both Sage and Server may be true for you in different ways, or not, of course there is also a possibility of incorrect channeling.

No,that's not it. 

I'm a Sage.


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