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i duno if this is typical but i'm a server and i think about what i would do if i was the leader. like how i would organize things better, clean up the surroundings, and sort of like how the tone of things should be set. i find a lot of people are not very warm or strong, for various reasons, maybe because they're insecure, and it makes the mood of the group bad. i think a lot about how to help the physical health of people too. i feel frustrated a lot because i see that things could be done much more efficiently and with a better spirit, but since the wrong people are the leaders everything gets stuck behind. i notice how the good of everyone is not a priority for them. obviously it can be very appalling to see individual gluttony and the destruction it brings. it makes me mad and i feel those people are not very smart or honorable, do not deserve to be leader and should not be accepted as such. i also feel like extending kindness and acceptance to people who are shy, ostracized or having a bad time. and i feel like defending them. many people probably feel that way though.  

Chiara DB:
doodeedoo, I like the way your mind works. :) I think I had a lot of similar thoughts when I was in school.

This question is interesting because it reveals how we spend our days. doodeedoo is in school, so she has to kind of passively sit there and watch other people control things and how that affects the others who are also at the mercy of the controllers. I am a freelancer with many different tasks and obligations that I have to balance and be responsible for on my own, so my mind is focused on how to best do that. I'm not sure what mtscholar does for a living, but obviously it has something to do with language (same as me, I'm a translator). jk didn't really give enough detail for me to make any connection to her job, but it sounds like she is also inundated with various tasks throughout the day.

hi chiara! word.  :) hey, kings and servers make a good team! school definitely applies but when i wrote that i was thinking more of national leaders who are not stearing the ship in a good way. for example, the current prime minister in canada who started the tar sands (oil extraction) up. this was a greedy and destructive decision to say the least. one which benefits few and harms many. i was also thinking of some groups i've been in.

speaking of leadership,

I have been channeled as being a server.  And my own gut feeling validates this.  However, I don’t seem to fit what I’ve come to see as a stereotypical profile of a server.  For instance, I don’t volunteer, don’t do “good works”, don’t like serving others (they can serve themselves), and, while I love my grandchildren and they love me, I hate to babysit.  I can’t stand to hear about other peoples’ troubles.  I have my own troubles, and I work them out myself.   Other people can do the same.

There may be some people who willingly and happily live a life of service/servitude to others, but that’s not me.  I am quite intelligent and articulate, and my life is just as important as anyone else’s--I see no reason why I should spend it helping others at my own expense.  My time is as important as anyone else’s.

Of course, I do enjoy helping others occasionally, and I do have most of the attitude of the server—but only when I feel like it.  Don’t  expect  it of me.   My fulfillment does not come from serving others.  It comes from many different things.  (I will say that my “winning the lotto” fantasy has just as much to do with helping others monetarily as it does with helping myself.  But I think that might be true of everyone.)

I asked, in two different chat rooms, why there were not more servers represented.  The answer, very quickly given, was that servers were too busy serving.  What struck me was that both responses were given so quickly and were exactly--word-for-word--the same.  This leads me to believe that servers have been stereotyped as people designed to help others above all else, and that troubles me.   In my opinion, this is not good work.  I think other factors, such as overleaves, are far more important than the role.

Chiara, I am a full time employed single mum of teens and I think that accounts for it :)
This is quite a helpful thread, because it turns my attention to realising what it actually is that I let happen in my head. I would not say I spend 100% of time the way I have described, its more that those kind of things pop into my head automatically. In general, my mind is very busy. I am Intellectually centered. Constant thinking. The racing ahead must be my CF of Impatience. I am trying to force myself to switch off, slow down, be in the moment, or at the very least to know that I am not. Sometimes it's such a hard work.


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