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How do you go about telling people about the Michael teachings?

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John Roth:

--- Quote from: Wnbriz on January 22, 2012, 02:12:28 AM ---Its not so much evangelizing the teachings as a whole, but producing the information to the masses, so they can benefit the value of learning more about the universe they live in. Its all about finding the common demoninator amongst all "spiritual" teachings, and finding more core truths out. You know we have scientists furthering the evolvement of knowledge and truth by examining the concrete reality around us, michael teachings is merely information categorized into a template that furthers evolvement of our reality of more abstract concepts.

What I'm all about is trying to getting valuable slightly more esoteric knowledge for the masses to indulge in. I don't mean sermonizing the teachings as a religious opportunity towards enlightenment, but merely having the basic core of the teachings presented into simple methods of understanding. If that makes sense. As what Jordan Dutchynz (sp?) did with his spirit science video's, its all about presenting ideas that formulate new age metaphysical truths for the general populace, to get them to have a clearer view and understanding of everything spiritual and mystical as a whole.

Honestly my biggest peeve about the teachings is it's name. I hate using the name Michael, because it almost acts as a repellent as getting those whom don't have agreements with the Michael engaged with the information provided, so they themselves can have stepping stones to jump forward on so to speak when is comes down to thinking about the larger picture and whom they actually are, and why we're here all here. It's like it glamorizes the messenger more then the message with the name Michael before the teaching.

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You might consider writing fiction. IMO the best attempt to date has been some of John Dalmas' stories. There's another story cycle that does an excellent job of treating reincarnation and the entanglements of several people in different lifetimes in a culture that evolves over several centuries.

Yeah that sounds more my alley. I was just actually entertaining the thought of making a fictional story that covers the validating  process of the teachings. I want to do something innovative and original, and perhaps going Mark Twain on MT could be a successful endeavour. But I wouldn't do it unless I know it would be great and further people along the metaphysical path (Arrogance mixed with Priest and Spiritual attitude?). With the Age of Aquarius in full swing who knows how much metaphysics will blow up in 10 years.

I seem to have a lot of Carndial inspiration energy floating aboot.


--- Quote from: Wnbriz on January 23, 2012, 02:33:34 AM ---I've pasted the channeling I did on here about the flower of life. Once I knew it took seven circles to complete the entire flower and the pedals all looked their on 3 axises, I figured there is an overall dynamic to the universe that we as a human specie haven't fully understood. I channeled the entity when i primped and primed for it, and got good paragraph or so, disclosing that i wasn't incorrect to assume the pedals makes the axises and the flower is the very dynamic of their teaching. The teachings themselves were meant for not just agape but used to help with all exigencies of life, the flower just being a symbol of the hidden matrix of our cosmos; Inspiration, expression, action and assimilation. Which then they built a template for us to use as a way towards understanding ourselves and the larger picture, since that's what humanity needs most.
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The ultimate goal of the teachings is agape. I don't think there's much argument there. And understanding ourselves and seeing the bigger picture is certainly a concept that's written throughout the books and scattered all across the MT site. This is nothing new, of course. 

--- Quote ---It only remains theoretical because well, we have yet to prove it perfect certainty and use it to its fullest potential. That's why we all made agreements with the Michael teachings. To use them, share them, validate them, so as a collective we can slowly fade away the maya on our planet and see what is and whats not. Perhaps right now I'm only on the sharing stage, and starting towards the validation stage. Just recently I got into a conversation about the seven different roles with a couple of folks, and all them right away were curious to  know what they were. After briefly going over all of the roles and the principle behind each one, they all right away knew which one they were. I remember going over what an artisan with king casting would act like, and with out a doubt the guy burst out laughing and says "YOU'VE NAILED IT! THATS SO ME!" Thats exactly what i pegged him as from the get go. He was happy, I was happy. Much love to go around.

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I'd guess that most of us have had experiences like that when we shared the MT. I think it's always easier to spark interest than retain it, however. One obvious hitch is that once students get beyond the theoretical side of the MT they inevitably face the task of doing the inner work necessary to live the teachings. That's daunting for some, and they will either fall back to the theoretical or quit studying the material altogether.


Personally what has helped me the most, which I'm guessing has influence from the casual plane but still non conclusive, is visualizing every minuscule aspect of the teaching. That i think is whats next. A visual to go with the framework to make the daunting experience of validation a breeze for those less linguistically inclined. Also if we had a physicist that was willing to channel the michael, couldn't we have a more scientific approach towards the theoretical side since they'd be able to use the subconscious of the scientist to maximum benefit?



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