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Hey Michael,

One of the great things about the MT is that it has something for everyone. Some people, as you say, are chiefly interested in soul age and the greater cosmology, while others use the material as a form of therapy. And they probably have their reasons for doing that. Either way, I hope you can find something of interest.

After I complete the site overhaul I'll be spending more time on this forum -- mostly deciding what to do with it. The MT tends to be splintered into many smaller groups now, so it's a challenge to attract large numbers anymore. I'm open to suggestions as to how this forum might be shaped in the future. I do intend to promote the main site more heavily in the future, so I suspect we'll eventually see some traffic. Till then, pop in now and then.


John Roth:

--- Quote from: Dave on March 06, 2016, 03:34:35 AM ---Good to see you, John!

As you know, I've been off in the Twilight Zone for the past couple years.

Do people ever attend the chat? I was debating if I should keep it when I do the new site upgrade.

And I'd love to see something about Michael history.


--- End quote ---

As far as the chat goes, I've got one person who drops in occasionally. I used to get more until you changed the email invitation to make it look like it was a European thing - I suspect the time is offputting. There are things I could suggest for making the weekly invitation a bit easier to understand.

As far as putting a chat client on the site: don't bother. The major browser vendors are moving to eliminate the ability to use plugins, which is going to kill that kind of chat client. I'd suggest giving a set of simple instructions for Mibbit, which is a web site that's going to keep working.


John Roth:

--- Quote from: Transducer on March 06, 2016, 09:24:41 PM ---I read an email from Dave today announcing reactivation of the forum. I clicked on the link and discovered, barely remembered login info., actually worked, so here I am.

I'm remembering now that I was an active participant in the fourm long long ago prior to the current "upgrade" of code / structure.

I learned MT from the books of Jose Stevens, Shepard  Hoodwin and others, the cassette tapes of JP van  Hulle, and a one time channeling form Arron Christian (which was very helpful in resolving some challenges in my work as a psychotherapist.).

I dropped out for two reasons. One. Channeling began to look like a subtle form of therapy, helping people grow and learn and solve problems of mid life, and that can get old after awhile. Two. Much of forum content was discussion of subtle differences between one channeling and another's, regarding an MT structural element or definition.

For me, enduring value of MT has been its cosmology. It's information about structure and activities in the "between lives state" or "non physical realm." Enduring utility of MT has been the concepts of Soul Age and Role. Lately the concept of fragment of Essence energizing the physical body, and later at death rejoining and adding to Essence has come up while talking with people who use much different explainitory systems. Also it's been fun to see the frontiers of science (quantum stuff / string theory / NDE research) grope toward MT cosmology.

My thanks to Dave for the link. I'll lurk for awhile. Perhaps make some postings.
- Michael Krumper (Overleaves at

--- End quote ---

I tend to prefer the cosmology as well. Glad to see you're back.

Truthfully, I think that the organization is more of a problem that it is a help. I prefer less structure and more creativity. Other people's opinions may vary.


I could see that if all the boards are topical, it doesn't leave room for anyone to post something that doesn't fit into a particular board. One solution is to have a general topic board. One could argue if there should be a general board for each topic, or just one central board. I could cut everything down to just a couple boards, but that might lead to ungainly strings of unorganized topics on a particular board. That's never appealed to me as much.

Dave  :)

Ahhh the classic specific v general dichotomy.
 No magic solutions here, playing by ear sometimes works.
Reading lots and lots of postings with an eye toward creating like minded / like interested groups/boards might work. When I was active in the past a board for people who'd gotten the basics down would have been helpful. But now, starting over from (nearly) stretch The simpler the better I'd say


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