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Male/Female Energy / Re: MF Energy
« on: May 25, 2011, 08:46:55 PM »
Read about this at the site. Is there anyway to validate mf energy without the use of a channel?

I haven't had an MT reading but I do have a basic idea of how I fit within the MT framework.  It came to me, through my guide.  I specifically have known all my life that whilst I am female in gender, I have a very masculine mode of energy, always have been a tomboy :-)

That being said, I did have a quasi-MT reading back in 2000 where I was told that I am a Sage.  I say quasi, because at the time I didn't know that the person giving the reading was using MT terms. (I only found MT now, 10 years later).  I have a tape of that reading and I've listened to it again (after 10 years) and was sort of shocked/pleased when he mentioned that I was a sage and that my energy is very masculine, which is why my guide is also masculine, because had my guide been female "You wouldn't have listened to me".

ha ha ha

Getting back to the M/F Ratio and the balance of that energy, I asked my guide the ratio and I have a 60M/40F.   It totally explains many many things to me.  The tomboyishness for one.  Also, I am perceived by other females - they find me intimidating.  Thinking back through my life, that last aspect has always been there - first because most of my friends were male (I couldn't take the whole girlish b.s. - especially as a teenager, I was as dumbfounded as my male friends over some of the females around us) and secondly, the close bonds I have always had with males - they treat me like an equal - even though I am female.

Hope this helps

Astrology / Re: Michael & Astrology
« on: May 25, 2011, 08:00:36 AM »
While I'm here, can anything in the Michael Teachings be compared to traditional astrology?


Hi Wayne,

New to the board here hence the late reply to your query.  I started out with an interest in Astrology that sort of evolved into Esoteric Astrology and I think it is that background that makes the MT teachings so intriguing to me.  I can see the similarities and how they dovetail one another in terms of self awareness and understanding of choices made - throughout the souls evolution.

Again, its perspective, some may see that, some may not.   


Soul Age / Re: 6th level mature
« on: May 25, 2011, 07:43:32 AM »
Thanks John, I've definitely come across the concepts of mindfulness (in counseling and elsewhere), and it does help when I utilize it. Also helps to just become more aware, not detached, but just noticing 'what's going on' in a simultaneously objective and subjective way... things even like sitting on a log by a river and watching a flock of geese. Yields enormous insights! Somehow. :)

And this someone said to me a while ago (when I was more turbulently depressed):
"Have you ever considered picking up Taoism? I can't recall ever seeing someone so in need of a way of escaping conventional thinking. I can't say it would make you feel better, but you might find some peace in the freeing of your intuition from the more active elements of thought."

The more I read about 6th mature, the more it seems like it can also be a very exciting time of emotions, the metaphor of having reached the top of the mountain and now one is starting to slide back down (with all the unhandled junk). The "okay, alright, I'll just DO this" seems to have its own momentum, things just come up and you deal with them. This current lifetime of mine is meant to be one of enjoyment and 'savoring moments', and I'm in Flow, so the way that 6th mature seems to manifest the most lately is that I feel the weight of difficult past lives, or ones that have accumulated (as if I've just paid back a boatload of karma), and that I've been sent away (to Nz nonetheless) on spiritual/emotional/mental convalescence.

Being on the action axis, I also generally feel a bit guilty of 'resting' so much, or that I'm on a break at the seaside. lol. If I try to go too fast it's like life hits me over the head and emphasizes further that I must take my time and relax. Must slow down.  

I read this and its as if I could have written it.  Right up to the very last full stop.  I'm Nancy, and from what you have written, in the same space as you :-) 

You aren't alone :-)


Spirituality / Re: Spiritual Growth & Michael
« on: May 25, 2011, 07:39:51 AM »

Is there a religion that does not demand total submission to it's beliefs??    The biggest problem is keeping the notion of life's magic and realizing it is purposeful.    Most people KNOW life is not  simply an accidental occurrance.   We should not need abject submission to fear in order to be worthy of our lives.   It seems most of us need to feel guilty about our shortcomings.    But heck, have we not tried to arrange our lives to learn all these pesky lessons ?? 

I had this crisis myself.  I was raised Roman Catholic, yet my father was Greek Orthodox.  And the interesting thing, even as a child, was that I actually appreciated, as a teenager, that in the Greek Orthodox church the priests could marry and have families of their own....I think that may have been the same time that I begain to become really disillusioned with "organised religion".  Programming being what it is, there was no way I was able to walk away from the RCC whilst my mother and grandmother still walked around - lots of expectations there indeed.

When I was 32, both Mom and Nana were gone to the other side, and I found the Unitarian Universalist church.  I was totally scared to walk in there, thinking it would disrespect the family traditions, but I'm so glad the inner rebel nudged me to do just that.   How wonderful it was to be amongst a group of people, with different belief systems, different ideas but sharing in the common goal of tending to one another.   No Dogma, No Sin, No Hell.   Amazing concepts to someone raised RCC I can tell you.

So the answer is yes, there are places where one can have fellowship without having the man made constructs of control, fear and sin shoved down your throat.


Introductions / Re: Introductions
« on: May 25, 2011, 12:34:13 AM »
Greetings  :)

I am Nancy, and I'm a total newbie when it comes to the MT.   Found out about them doing a websearch for something completely different (synchonicity being what it is of course).  Been sussing out where I fit within the parameters of MT and an outline has come to me of where I am in the greater scheme of it all...and I am happily surprised at how it all dovetails rather neatly with esoteric astrology and the Cayce readings.   

That being said, I may not say much, and lurk for a while til I get my feet under me.  Right now I am also in the process of studying for my BA in Social Psychology (long story there) whilst being a Domestic Goddess <or as my kids tell me Queen of the Universe>.


Nancy :-)

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