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Soul Age / Re: Manifesting
« on: June 28, 2011, 02:10:48 PM »
I certainly had a period in my life (adolescence) when I was clearly into Young paradigm (but at the same time I was into "Old stuff"). I think physical age has to do a lot with Manifested Soul Age. Looking back, I can see how as a young adult I have then became concerned with "Mature stuff", and even have put all that interested in Esoterics etc on hold in order to concentrate on family and my Mature husband. When I moved, rather painfully, into my 4th IM, that all changed, and my Oldness came back.

jerky, as for Manifesting Young, I have seen somebody who is in actuality Old, been channelled as manifesting anything from Young through to Old. The way I understand it, its more about sliding, although I suppose there might be people who manifest the younger age all the time. Can you validate it yourself? Like in what way do you manifest the Young age? Do you not think you manifest Old at certain times? Like hanging out at this forum does not seem very Young to me.

Jk, Like you I've been into "old stuff" since adolescence. A high school teacher inadvertently introduced Edgar Cayce and the concept of reincarnation to me, and it immediately felt absolutely right to me. I was raised in a fairly liberal Protestant church but my outlook changed so dramatically that I stopped going to church in my late teens because I could tell I was only upsetting classmates. (They were appalled when I suggested one of the apostles might have been martyred for a karmic reason.)

I first read MFM in the early 80s and completely bought into it. Then I got married, and my ex-husband was Young, so perhaps I kept manifesting Young for the duration of our marriage, but I don't think the way I handled the end of our marriage was Young at all. (I read up on the divorce process, refused to go to court and convinced my ex to negotiate a mediated agreement.)

Now that my children are grown and I'm free to do and be whatever I like in my spare time, I really don't think Young, but I still work at a job that is filled with Young politics, so perhaps I'm just fitting in. I do also have a life task reading from Michael:

The Life Task here has to do with validating the interaction of what might be called social truths with individual Experiential Differentiation as well as Differentiated Experiential Differentiation

(The medium said that this means that not only do no two individuals have the same experience of events, but that repeated events are never the same for one individual.)

This task is hard to comprehend, but I've experienced time periods where I think I was actively working on this, and it makes me think that manifesting Young might be a way of collecting the info I need.

Soul Age / Re: Manifesting
« on: June 26, 2011, 06:04:10 PM »
This is an interesting topic for me. I have been identified as 2nd old manifesting as 6th young. I'm in my 50s so I begin to doubt that I will grow out of it! I wonder why the big difference, but have considered that it may be necessary for my purpose. I am stoic in power mode with a goal of dominance. My initial Michael reading said:

This Fragment, who is a second cast Fragment as well as an Artisan is strongly tied to the Expression Polarity and as a result, often chooses Overleaves with less “redundancy” than is presently the case, as a way to get “outside the box”. 

(Note: I was delighted with the "outside the box" comment.)

Is it possible that there is something about the 6th young view of life that lends itself to my overleaves? Or do I need to admit that I'm seriously out of sync?  :D

Artisan / Re: Artisan and the Five Levels of Input
« on: June 09, 2011, 01:54:03 PM »
About the books - I am considering getting a Kindle.

I ordered a Kindle the day they were announced and I could not live without it now. It's hard for me to read a real book -- I forget I have to read both sides! But with my Kindle I can have a book and "turn" the pages in one hand while holding a cup of coffee in the other hand. I have the Kindle app on my phone as well for on-the-go access to reading material. I also have to admit that at my age the ability to change the size of the text is indispensable.

Artisan / Re: Artisan and the Five Levels of Input
« on: June 09, 2011, 02:01:35 AM »
Artisan here. If leaving things to percolate on back burner is supposed to be typical of Artisan, then I can validate that.

I can validate this also. I'm Artisan-cast Artisan.  I also make use of that back burner approach. When I was in school I tended to write my papers the night before they were due, but they flowed because they were built in the back of my mind while I did more fun stuff. When I'm stuck on an issue, I can often go to bed with the intent that an idea will come to me overnight, and usually the idea is there in the morning. (Though it might wake me up at 2 am.)

I've got the tons of unfinished projects, too. However, like jk, I do tend to finish work projects as long as they stay valid. Maybe because if I came up with the creative idea, I know no one else will be able to do it right. And I do go into a zone at times where I am completely in tune with a project and can't be interrupted to do anything else. But those types of projects are usually incredibly complex and require lots of juggling to pull together so they stay fresh for me longer.

And multiple books -- all the time. Fiction or non-fiction, whatever topic happens to be fresh for me today. Usually I have two going at once: one for reading in bed and one that I keep with me for waiting rooms, eating alone, etc. (but sometimes I'll pick up the third book for a change of pace).

My job is software dev related also, jk! I wonder if the field attracts Artisans generally?

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