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Past Lives & Reincarnation / Re: Finding out about past lives
« on: May 19, 2011, 09:21:36 AM »
Same here! Though it was in art history when the norse stave churches and carvings came along. I also have some norwegian heritage and felt much more 'loyal' to it and fascinated with the 'art' when I was younger (as opposed to the very german side of my mom's family). My grandmother had all sorts of norwegian things around her house and it felt very natural. There's also something about pagan russia that's familiar in the same ways.

It is a lit-up kind of a feeling isn't it?

Architecture and 'styles' seem particularly interesting when they resonate... I remember being completely fascinated with the thai dancers from It's A Small World, and the styles from there still really feel like home. Once they went to thailand on america's next top model and made them learn thai dancing. Was so jealous! That feeling that it was something I'd love doing and could do it well. I also prefer their buddha statue by far, which is kind of the thing, it seems odd that things like that are particular but I just like it better for some reason. heh.

Bodytypes / Re: The enneagram of body types
« on: May 19, 2011, 07:30:41 AM »
Is this supposed to be throughout a life time (as in, flowing 'right now'), or in terms of past lifetimes and future lifetimes?

It seems interesting, and if you could explain more about how it works that'd be cool. :)
I don't know what it'd be for me, but I'm very obviously my three body types (mercurial/saturnine with a bit of venusian)...

I've also read somewhere that your main type is mostly your appearance, secondary type resonates more with your mind, and third type is your health, and then they also resonate with how you express your goal, attitude, and mode (in that order). Were you channeled as being venusian/mercurial/lunar...? (out of curiosity).

Just found this site as well, do you relate to any of those descriptions?:

Male/Female Energy / Re: MF Energy
« on: May 19, 2011, 05:34:26 AM »
Mansfield was a nz writer in the early 20th century (here are her overleaves etc):
5th level mature priest w/sage casting 5/2/3, discarnate king ET, cadre 3 entity 1 (love side), artisan task comp., m/f 42/58, freq 63, 12 prev cycles, needs of expression/expansion/adventure, flow, idealist, power, intellectual/moving, impatience, saturnian/mercurial.

Only in some aspects I guess...

Male/Female Energy / Re: MF Energy
« on: May 19, 2011, 05:03:32 AM »
Also Drury, I wonder if you'd relate at all to Katherine Mansfield (about whom Dave and I are a bit obsessed)? She seemed to have quite a few similar influences to you as well.

Bodytypes / Re: Body types and Centering
« on: May 19, 2011, 04:53:27 AM »
Have you had any past life information, as a matter of interest?

Only generally (in relation to my life task)... apparently my last few lives were lived quite in a rush, so I decided to give myself a lifetime where I would learn to savor and digest things on the physical plane rather than only getting to them once in the astral. Which is always weird to me as my overleaves suit this mandate perfectly, even to where it slows me down if I start going too fast. This lifetime feels a LOT slower (and meandering) than what it seems I'm used to, despite my active mercurial/saturnine combo. But I think that with emotional/intellectual makes it easier to sit down and process information in my head/heart, hence... digesting... sitting around a lot and musing/wondering/processing but able to really enjoy myself as well when I get going. Like flipping a switch. Isn't is weird to see why essence chose particular overleaves? Pretty fascinating stuff.

I am happy to rest a LOT. But when i do "do" something, I can get a lot done.

Definitely. ;)

Drury, thanks for sharing! Your body types and role/casting seem to go well together (mercurial is excellent for sage, and saturnine is quite good for priest). Moving part seems to make you quite a bit more active in the literal sense. Physically active, on the go.

A full day for me would be one of those things! heh. Either hiking, moving, OR a party. ;) Or maybe two.
Often I think saturnine influence is responsible for being able to turn it off and sit back down, and also for endurance, so maybe you're drawing on that more these days. Sometimes I think people think I'm more active and moving than I actually am, because I definitely look mercurial/agile/whatever, but often feel quite more saturnine and a steady presence. Probably also in combination of 47 frequency... I'm not exactly manic. heh. Which is why forums and online interactions are interesting, because my mercurial mind is often speaking tons and tons, information-wise, but in real life saturnine stuff really reigns it in.

A while ago I guess I described it as having a cannonball wit. heh.

It's just amazing to me, seeing how everything works together for essence... enables real awareness.

Male/Female Energy / Re: MF Energy
« on: May 19, 2011, 04:34:35 AM »
Wonder if we'd come across similarly on first outer energetic impressions... ;)

Bodytypes / Re: Body types and Centering
« on: May 17, 2011, 11:14:53 PM »

Flow, passion, realist, arrogance. 6th level mature, frequency of 47...
6th level + passion + emotional centering + mercurial can get me in a few storms I guess.

When I do decide to get off my butt and do things, people usually call me a dynamo.

I also did quite a bit of sports and was very active when younger (like you), though I think my body was built pretty well for it, especially for sprinting and jumping, except that I hated constant exercise and maintaining that sort of thing. Plodding, jogging. Got shin splints. And it got tiresome (yeah, because it was boring too heh). But man I love swing dancing, it seems perfect for a Mercurial body (with passion and emotional centering too). Love skiing too, probably because it's fast.

It is quite an insight to realize that Mercurial energy gets 'wound up' though... I don't feel quite so badly for getting a lot of nervous energy, but like you I've had to learn that it's important to take some time out to properly rest my mind. I don't do meditation per se, but I do tarot and play the piano. Took a while to see that I wouldn't die if I stopped thinking. Even when I thought I "wasn't being active" (i.e. moving around), I still was way more active than other people around me, even if only in my head. Getting my wisdom teeth taken out, it was quite painful to be in bed and unable to think well or read... I tried to get up right away and do things and it resulted in a bit of nausea. It's always surprising when I'm sick, because I never think that I move around as much as I do as I'm so used to my emo/intellectual centering doing all the work. But I do bustle around quite a bit even though I'm not moving centered.

Then there's famous mantra from others... "don't over do it now"... which of course, I still do occasionally (thinking I'm stronger and more enduring than I am and can lift more boxes up hills than I can). I don't like people telling me that I'm too small and can't take on things. ;) It's a hard truth that I'm not always adept at lifting heavy objects. Even though my saturnine side really enjoys weight lifting...

Bodytypes / Body types and Centering
« on: May 17, 2011, 11:11:02 AM »

So, my main two body types are active, Mercurial and Saturnine (with a bit of Venusian) but it's paired with emotional centering/intellectual part.

Which seems rather abrading. lol.

Sometimes I'm scared to be more active and moving because when I do I just move so fast due to the built up energy. Otherwise, I am more inclined to sitting in a chair for hours while my mind/emotions are going a mile a minute (very active).

It made me think I was a bit bipolar more than a few times because I just feel pretty manic and able to do a LOT when I really get going and really tend to go back and forth between positive action and negative action energy (sat. and merc. respectively), but also get a lot of racing thoughts and my brain often feels constantly abuzz with activity due to not being very moving centered. I do walk everywhere (and rather compactly, with determination), but am thinking, would it be more beneficial if I actually did some aerobic exercising? (yes probably). I used to do track in high school but really hated running for the sake of running. I think I'm much better off doing things like swing dancing or rollerblading... something more fun and engaging.

But I just noticed that combination the other day, of very active body types paired with a not very physically active centers, and realized that it possibly contributes a lot to my often overheated brain and nervous energy. A friend said once that I was like a bottle of shaken up soda always ready to pop but somehow staying contained.

Coupled with king energy and other influences and I just can get to feeling really pent up inside without others really realizing. Wound up and alert but on the outside merely like a rumbling volcano (gentle but serious, yet fun and "on"). I definitely am a total mixture of mercurial and saturnine though. It's a bit weird seeing it all.

Do your guys' body combos abrade with your centers? Or are they a bit more in tune?
I don't really mind my combination too much, just thought it was interesting to notice.

The Four Trues (or Pillars) / Re: Four Trues
« on: May 17, 2011, 10:39:07 AM »
For me they're more of a 'fun' thing to know, but can also give a sense of ways to feel more comfortable or at home with myself. Like extra 'advice' that can come in handy.
True Rest has come in handy as I can get easily wound up and in need to burn off some extra energy or frustration.

For True Rest mine are: listening; music; practicing vividry (heightened sensation of a moment)

So, basically I can get all three accomplished by really tuning in to some of my favorite or more stimulating music, and/or playing the piano. And it is very relaxing/refreshing, and makes me feel more calm and unburdened. Listening to music and playing the piano are also what I've always 'gone for' in the past when I've been stressed out, so it really makes a lot of sense.

Male/Female Energy / Re: MF Energy
« on: May 17, 2011, 10:22:48 AM »
I don't know, but my MF energy (when I got a chart done) wasn't surprising at all. In fact, I had figured out my basic neutrality (even with the "slightly more on the female energy side" details) quite a few years before I knew the percentage for sure, and knew it way before I'd ever run across the michael teachings. The MT validated the existence of MF energy for me actually! I knew that I wasn't making it up. ;)

(I'm 49/51 btw).

I'd maybe say that knowing the exact percentages isn't immediately important (unless you're way in the middle or on one extreme?), but it shouldn't in theory be too hard to tell where you fall, unless you're pretty balanced. What are you guessing for yourself?

The Roles (or Soul Types) / Re: POLL: What is Your Role?
« on: May 14, 2011, 07:19:40 AM »
I wonder if there are forums so bad that you're actually traumatized after visiting?

Oh yes, there are. I actually was mildly traumatized by it, going through a vulnerable part in my life. Took me a while to stay away for good though, because there was so much interesting information to be had from it... but when interacting, the negative energy on it was so palpable (from older members usually), it changed your mood considerably after spending more than 5 minutes conversing. Some online friends I made from it (sane ones) agreed that it was very toxic/poisonous and exponentially bred negativity in oneself within minutes. There was little point to life in spending any more time there.

The Roles (or Soul Types) / Re: POLL: What is Your Role?
« on: May 13, 2011, 10:29:12 PM »
The 'forum' template is much easier for me to participate in, truthfully. It's all here and solid, easily navigable, and not so divided up into constantly-streaming topics. I can find things I want to find.

On an enneagram forum I was on for a while, it seemed to be very scholar and artisan heavy with aggressive warrior influences, and the few louder sages/priests. So I felt that I stuck out like a sore thumb. A lot of intellectual arrogance and cynicism going on in that place though ("probably isn't, you're not, this is not, because I said so, clearly, you're all idiots"). Pretty hazardous place for one's sanity.  :P

General Discussion / Re: My Michael Chart
« on: May 13, 2011, 07:16:17 AM »

I think why the role is put with the ET on the role photos page is that ET bleedthrough (when discarnate) is likely to be more apparent in one's appearance than one's casting is... but I'll let Dave answer that one more fully...

General Discussion / Re: My Michael Chart
« on: May 13, 2011, 07:02:41 AM »
Hehe, that's me at the very bottom. ;)

I can't say what is secondary influence, but usually I would think it'd be casting as that's how one is more likely to appear on an everyday basis (or, it's how you 'do' your role...). But my artisan ET influence is pretty strong as it's discarnate. You can definitely see it at play, and I was in a creative field in university and enjoy lots of creative activities. Daily, I'm more likely to be doing scholarly whatevers, searching out information, it's very habitual and just something I do easily. But I really enjoy myself when I'm creating, it often feels like an intense and visceral 'gift'/energy that I'm channeling from somewhere, yet is also a part of me. My artisan ET also definitely shows up in my appearance more than scholar does (clothes, hairstyles, general creative flamboyance, colors... )... though I can look 'nerdy'. But am more likely to look like a bookish artist. ;)   

Artisan / Re: Artisan and the Five Levels of Input
« on: May 13, 2011, 06:55:40 AM »

that deeper ponderance does have its place at times

Definitely agree. Humorous art is fun as well. My art usually has a lot of personal significance that maybe only I will ever know, and it's always amazing when others say more or less what I was personally intending. Perhaps there were more artisans in my nz art classes, as I was often shocked that a group of them could 'get' all the subtle meanings from my art that I thought would never see the light of day; really resonating stuff I wasn't even aware of until they pointed it out. "Oh yeah, I was immersing those certain thoughts into that when I made it but completely forgot I had!" :) Crazy stuff.

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