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Channeling / Automatic Writing
« on: May 25, 2011, 08:54:15 PM »
How many of us/you are able to do this? 

I had a reading about two weeks ago from a lady who picked up on my ability to do this and she was so happy that she wasn't "the only one".  I have always done this, but there have been two or three situations/events where I was seriously compelled to just sit down and write, as if out of thin air.   It happens regularly too, such as when I am writing an assignment for Uni and all of the sudden, this other stuff comes through (which leads me to open another MS word document, write what is coming through down - then go back to the assighment).

Have to admit that its happening more and more now, in the last year,  because I am doing my BA in Social Psychology which is really quite relevant in terms of human geography.  So an assignment topic will come up that my guide uses to teach ME a lesson, outside the syllabus (He is cheeky that way).



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