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I thought with the micheal theory of re-incarnation, a soul was either eternally male or eternally female?

Dave: Thank you for moving this somewhere  I could get more replies. I was debating where to post this.

Terri Thank you for the welcome

Tim: I Understand preciseley what you are saying. Gentle Authority - When I breath, i feel like I exhale control and authority. Unless I am threatened, I see no need to show off or get all jumpy around-ish. IMO, A king/warrior should be: calm, distinguished, agressive , and have a vibe. a confidence in power.  A powerful gentleness.

Many warriors (especially younger ones) are constantly running around , draining themselves of energy - constantly attempting to gain control over situations and others. It can be draining just to be around them. I love my warriors though. Deep inside all that Fear and insecurity is a quality individual. I've noticed warrior souls are among some of the most interesting and special people that i've ever met.

Chiara DB

Wow... yer cute.
I can sense your calmer [for a female anyway] Female energy & creative humor. You Seem a bit defensive yet Agressive/bubbly.
you understand a lesson learned and your understanding goes far beyond your years too.
For some reason, I get the feeling you may not enjoy hanging around women too much though.

I think you'd make a great law enforcement officer. Wimpiness is a simple matter of Training over Fear. then discriminating against and terminating fear with agression and understanding. Few things beat the adrenaline rush, power and flexability this job provides. It's fit for a king.  

Compassion is a virtue in its right time and place and will get you far in this career field. It works better followed after agression. I've noticed criminals are much more likeley to accept advice after you have broken them down to a submissive level. Once the mindset of submission has been achieved, if your heart desires - you can then tell them about God or whatever the heck you want. In it's wrong place and time, compassion and advice giving will get you harmed physically. It's best in this job to be a (for lack of better term) a$$ hole. criminals are constantly seeing how much power and control they can exert over law enforcement. you'll quickly learn what works and what doesn't.  

I think you should sign up and do a ride along at a local police department.

Well, looks like i've got some reading and learning to do. If anyone knows where I should start or someone I should speak to - please, let me know

Introductions / New To Micheal Teachings. Questions. Pictures.
« on: May 25, 2011, 03:30:38 AM »

I'm new to the micheal teachings. I do have experience with what new age calls channelling, I was a prophet (christian) But recently reclaimed my life.

my primary mode of prophecy/channeling is visionary (which amazed me since i have the creativity of a rock) i'm able to see things clearer than I can in real life while chanelling and it is often in colors and themes that I have not seen in the Physical Plane.

I can also sense and see what plagues a person or what demon they are battling by looking at their picture. I am hoping the same may be relativley true in reference to my picture / Role type.

 I'm considering weather or not I should attempt to see what these "Micheal" characters have to say First hand, i would be lying if I said i was not intrigued by the information and inteligence that is offered, however, i wanted to speak with and learn from people who have had experience first.

What interests me at the present time is the in-depth analysis of the human psyche and operating procedure. I need a solid understanding of it because not knowing bothers me and also because I need it to be effective in defending myself as a nation [which i believe every man is]

After REading and studying the graphs and soul charts, My curiosity is aroused.

What confuses me is that i seem to be all of the roles (excluding the creative/expression based roles)

I have the neutrality of a scholar, the agression and desire for mastery of a king, my lifes pretty much been warfare so naturally, i've taken up the cross of a warrior. I have a way of motivating and driving through love in the way of a priest.

right now, i'm inclined to see myself as a king, simply because i feel like that is what i am. I have a desire of mastering everything i touch and the world belongs to me. I feel like everything is within my power and stronghold and that everything that isn't should be. I feel like people constantly rebel against me, but my kingdom is not one of unprovoked force and persuasion - but one of justified agression and a safe haven.

also, Although i may be agressive and at times intimidating, the love in my heart is a burning flame that drives me to serve, but when i serve, I feel like a king serving through example to bring others up to my kingdom. perhaps that may be a chief flaw of arrogance, but i do not feel arrogant at all and I may even belittle myself intentionally so that I can show others the goodness of my power. To show them how a nation is Run. To show any man that he is a god unto himself and that the world is a conquerable piece of matter.



Drag racing,
I love shooting and military combat tactics.

I don't particularly enjoy fist fights, but I practice a lot of hand to hand combat (more so because I feel that EVERY man is a nation and that every nation should have a defensive capability - i don't particularly practice hand to hand combat for the physical enjoyment of it - although i do enjoy it)

i'm a bit of a tech geek

my dream job would be to become a police officer (which i am activley pursuing)

i'm 21 years old.


 * Organized to point of obsession. I cannot stand to see things out of place. my work space & posessions are without fault.

* i have a great ability to notice: creativity, quality and originality. so many creative people cannot see how wonderful there work is or notice quality of an object or build that someone else has created.

* constantly told i'm very smart. I'm really not. I just act from an intellectual sector.I performed average in school and I can't complete a simple algebraic equation without furstration. I am, however: well spoken and clear.

* i can't stand disrespect.

* my general attitude is very humble (dispite what this post may look like) I have a lot of warrior friends and I cannot stand that A-type personality they carry. I had that same personality at one point but i outgrew it. I cannot stand the constant bickering and fighting that warriors have within themselves. It's like all they know how to do is fight for something or some idea / ideal. They have no inner peace. And it disgusts me to the point that I have had to cut off relationships because of a lack of humility in who they are. It's like they are stuck in a cycle of themselves.

* I am an old soul at heart (if that makes sense) meaning - when i am myself, i am very boring, slow, methodical, i wake up in the mornings and simply sit on the porch and can spend hours there. I long for the days i can do that again, and one day when i purchase my home far - far away from society I will do that. unfortunatley, circumstances at the moment are not allowing that, and the circumstances are forcing me into a time of warfare and change instead of stability, structure and the boredom which i love.

Anyway friends, I figured that the men and women on this forum have a lot of experience with discerning soul types.

Any information on: Soul type/personality/body type - whatever; is appreciated.

I am ashamed to say that I do not have a lot of training in matters of personality and soul types, etc. But I would like to learn and grow in it.

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