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Chiara DB:
I just discovered very interesting information on bodytypes from The Michael Handbook by Jose Stevens -- they were saying how you are flowing out of one type, currently occupying another type, and flowing into another one, on the enneagram pattern. So, for me, I'm leaving Lunar, currently occupying Venusian, and moving into Mercurial. 

With this way of looking at it, the body types make sense for me for the first time ever, because I never really fit very well into any of them, and I didn't understand how this information could help me. But this flow model fits me perfectly. I wonder if anyone else uses this model and if it makes sense for you?

Is this supposed to be throughout a life time (as in, flowing 'right now'), or in terms of past lifetimes and future lifetimes?

It seems interesting, and if you could explain more about how it works that'd be cool. :)
I don't know what it'd be for me, but I'm very obviously my three body types (mercurial/saturnine with a bit of venusian)...

I've also read somewhere that your main type is mostly your appearance, secondary type resonates more with your mind, and third type is your health, and then they also resonate with how you express your goal, attitude, and mode (in that order). Were you channeled as being venusian/mercurial/lunar...? (out of curiosity).

Just found this site as well, do you relate to any of those descriptions?:

Chiara DB:
Elisabeth, in my understanding, you move through these body types throughout your various lives, in this particular sequence. Because you are always in some transition state, that allows a large amount of variation in each life.

LUNAR         Solitary, introspective, detail-minded
VENUS         Languid, nurturing, sociable
MERCURY   Perceptive, quick, articulate

These all describe me well, though, as fits the enneagramic theory, I have moved away from being solitary, introspective and detail-minded, and into being more nurturing and sociable (I have to fight being too languid!). Perceptive, quick and articulate is always me though, so I don't know what to make of that.

I wasn't channeled as these body types, I worked it out myself over time. To look at me, Venusian is the obvious pick, with elements of Lunar and Mercurial.

I'll have to give some thought to the idea that the body types match your goal, attitude and mode, when it's not so late at night!

Chiara DB:
Hey Elisabeth --

Now that it's the next day and I've had the chance to really look at that site, I'm surprised to to find out that I may actually be one step over in the continuum - Venus-Mercury-Saturn. I definitely resemble the Mercurial types more than anything, although I am currently overweight, so that makes me seem more Venusian. When I am at my "happy weight", I definitely take on the more sleek bodytype, though I never lose the female curves. And my very long and slender hands and feet seem like they might be pointing toward Saturn.

As for the other correlations, goal of growth (Mercury), attitude of pragmatist (Venus), power mode (Saturn)  - I don't know if that correlates -- I guess it could?  As for appearance (Mercury), mind (Venus), and health (Saturn), I can see that for the first two, though I don't get how health is expressed by Saturn.


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