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Is the essence twin just another term for twin soul or soul mate?


John Roth:
No. In the MT, an 'essence twin' has a specific location in the cadre. Many people never meet their essence twin in the flesh; many of the ones who do wish they hadn't because the relationship is simply too intense.

The notion of "twin soul" comes from other teachings, and seems to refer to essences that have other kinds of relationship. There are a fair number of other relationships in the MT, including task companions, traveling companions, entity mates and cadence mates. Most of these will cause enough of a resonance that other teachings would call them "twin souls."

This probably needs more work to flesh it out.

John Roth

There was a popular new age book many years ago called "Twin Souls" that had nothing to do with essence twins, but new students have tried to connect the two terms ever since. You also see the term "Twin Souls" used around the Internet on various spiritual sites, and that's added to the confusion.


My ex (who is a father of my kids and we are still friendly and cooperative) has channeled once some kind of being who told him I am his "soulmate". This was before I got into MT. I don't know what was meant by it, but according to Michael channeling I have had done for both mine and his overleaves, he is neither my ET or TC. We are however apparently from the same cadre. Perhaps we had a mating agreement. I have not asked about that (yet). Perhaps we had a karmic ribbon. The agreement feels likely and I do remember that the first time I saw him (this lifetime), it felt like it was not for the first time.


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