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What might this look like?

I think one of my best friend from university might be a warrior, or at least could have some warrior aspect to her. I was first surprised when trying to guess her role/cast, as warrior was the one that was superbly fitting but I wouldn't have guessed it of her outright if I had just looked at the stereotypes, and because some warriors I think still rub me in the wrong ways. But I get along with her really well, and she was the first solid friend I made once out of high school. One of those "I know you" resonances, as if we had be friends many times before.

It's like, I'm obviously not the stereotype of a king (young king), so it makes sense that she could also be a bit of a softer warrior, but she still has that fighting spirit in her somewhere, and also likes 'attacking' people, like a small animal. Sometimes I think it can all look a little priesty, but ultimately she just wants to get things done, really likes challenges, and is very good at trouble shooting and being a little soldier on the move. Definitely has both elements of exploration and conquest. When I lived by her she was my small buffer to the world, in that she often drove us places and helped me with daily mundane activities. Got us out of the house and 'to' places.  

She's not incredibly forceful, but can be persuasive. She has a lot of the positive warrior traits in any case: Deliberate, Energetic, Determined, Focused, Grounded, Loves Challenges, Maternal, Nurturing, Organized, Principled, Productive, Protective, Proud, Resourceful, Skillful, Survivor.

That's her in a nutshell! She was also my friend who "didn't procrastinate". (very disciplined) heh.
She also relates a LOT to Lola from Run Lola Run, which is a very warrior-esque film...

But, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don't find her too scary/intimidating, as is the stereotype for some warriors. She's like an old responsible spitfire grandma who's an absolute hoot and who probably would take you down in a 'rumble'. And it makes me wonder also how many other warriors I've known and liked... probably quite a few...

Generally I feel warriors and myself are on the same page, in terms of getting down to the pertinent information in a quicker fashion. An art tutor I had was very obviously a warrior and no one liked talking to him about their art because he was very blunt and said things straight out. But I loved it because I could 'brief' him about what was going on and then he would be satisfied and would leave me alone to do my things (he was always on the move). Our art talks never took more than 5 minutes, really. heh. Found it much easier to satisfy him because I could just tell him what he wanted to know. Other tutors I felt like I'd have to go on and on about the nuances of my project until they'd go away.

Anyway. What are your experiences of older warriors?

Chiara DB:
I don't find warriors intimidating, but maybe that's because I'm a King! Haha!

You'd think I'd get along with warriors really well, being a King and all, but for some reason things just don't click between us (in general). I find things with them a bit TOO down to earth for my taste, and, well, for some reason I've met a lot of really stubborn and pugnacious Mature/Old warriors in my life. Don't know why that is - clearly I must have had issues dealing with those things in myself.

Hi there,

I must say that warriors, I think, are also victims of stereotype.  I have had close relationships with two mature female warriors, and, in my experience, they get as emotionally attached (henceforth hurt, etc...) as any other mature soul. 

It seems to me that warriors are specially susceptible to the actions of the people they like.  I confided something to a warrior friend (old warrior) that I should not have confided . Afterwards I told him I should not have done that because I was putting him in a liable position.  He did not speak to me in week because he could not believe I did not trust him enough.

I have another friend who is an old warrior.  He got into a lot of fights when he was younger, but lost most, if not all, of them.  Now he dislikes violence (maybe he had to go through that as way to manifest his true soul age) and has a difficult time watching a game of American Football.  He still enjoys getting pushed around in the mosh pit though.



Could someone describe the warrior stereotype?

'Pugnacious' is a good word, like Chiara mentioned. My art tutor whom I spoke of is quite a good stereotype (he might be young or mature), but he was always on the move, had a way of being very blustery, challenged things, liked arguing points for the sake of arguing ('debating', I guess), was very blunt, opinionated, but quite protective and soft with his small son. Some people were scared/frustrated to approach him because of his conversational style, he also came across as quite rough and just really assertive, sometimes narrow minded. Didn't take crap (even if it wasn't crap) and would tell you things very directly. 'Tough', basically. Fighting. Physical. Unafraid, embroiled in situations.

I think my bf's aunt has quite a bit of warrior-like influence to her as well, and she's quite blunt and opinionated, takes up a lot of energetic space and likes to intimidate others in an amusing way to see how they handle themselves (I 'passed the test', pretty easily), but at heart she's quite vulnerable, softer and emotional.

Stereotype seems to be pretty much all the negative warrior traits: Blunt, Brutal, Bullying, Coercive, Devious, Evasive, Explosive, Hot-tempered, Intimidating, Narrow-minded, Pushy, Seeks Conflict, Stressed, Suspicious, Unforgiving, Violent


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