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I wonder if what some people call 'Twin flame' ('flamme jumelle' in French) is Essence Twin. I think yes but I'm not sure.

Chiara DB:
How would you describe the twin flame? I've heard the term, but I'm not too familiar with what it refers to.

That's the problem: I don't know what is really a twin flame. But for what I believe, it's almost the same as the Essence Twin. There's a big, divine  connection between the two twin flames. I never met my twin flame but it is said it's a big thing for purification and soul evolution. A twin flame is your mirror: you can see all your defaults reproduced by the twin flame. The meeting is really disturbing.

I found in another forum message by Jo that:
"An essence twin is a soul we team up with for an entire grand cycle to reflect ourselves back to us; it is the most intense relationship we can have. It is synonymous with the terms twin flame and twin soul, but not necessarily with soul mate."

I should have read the forum before asking my question...


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