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How to tell if I'm an Artisan?

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I read the articles about the roles and I think I'm an artisan. Are there any other tell signs?


John Roth:
You need to get it channeled to be sure.

Artisans are ordinal expressive. What that means is that the "typical" artisan will frequently be involved in something creative, either by herself (crafts, writing, etc.) or with a small number of people. The energy flows from inside out, and the expression tends to be with things rather than people (the latter is the Sage.) Many artisans express their creativity with everything they touch.

One way we used to distinguish artisans from servers was that artisans tended to run out of closets for their clothes, while servers don't care. Of course, that's totally surfacy, but it's still surprising how often it's true.


John Roth

Gadgets.  We like gadgets.  Not just to have but to make lots of things with them.

My kitchen utensil drawer is full of kitchen gadgets.  For example, I have two different things that deal with garlic:  a garlic press and a garlic slicer.  I have two kinds of cheese graters.  I also picked up a cool nutmeg grater in the Netherlands that looks like a little doll, as well as a nifty silicone combination hot pepper crusher and dispenser that looks like a cute little chili pepper.  Also, I love kitchen appliances, although I've been careful not to get too many of them.  But hey, I do have a Kitchenaid mixer with all the different attachments (including pasta maker), crockpots (one large, one small, and one old in which I dye wool for spinning yarn), as well as a food processor, and a few other things.

I had a marvelous time today using my food processor and crockpot to experiment with a chicken chili recipe I haven't tried before.  Decided to puree dry roasted peanuts as well as cilantro and put that in as well.  Don't know what possessed me to put in the peanuts, but dang, I'm glad I did!  Gave it just the right earthiness to underscore the spice without overwhelming the chicken.

Also Artisans collect software if we're into computers at all.  For a long time, I downloaded a number of shareware and freeware graphics and web creation software to try them out before finding a bargain on the Adobe Creative Suite.  I think I have three different word processing/office suite programs (Microsoft, Apple, and Open Office), as well as two or three story-tracker/plotting software programs.  Maybe more.  

And then there are the hobbies.  I focus mostly on knitting and spinning yarn now, but in the past I've done watercolor painting, decoupage, macrame, photography (still do that, actually), silk flower making, making stuff with Sculpy, pottery, making cards using rubber stamps, and now I'm seriously thinking about designing fabric patterns.  But first, I think I'll take some classes and learn how to thoroughly exploit the capabilities of the Adobe Creative Suite software....

You see what I mean?    :D

Of course, some of that may arise from my goal of growth, but the general theme here is using all these tools to make or create something.  We're also good at making something out of raw materials, used materials, trash, and sometimes nothing at all.  The other day, I was cleaning my office and discovered an old 3.5" computer diskette carrying case, and realized it would be absolutely perfect to organize my circular knitting needles.  I think anyone else might have thrown it out, but now I have a nifty knitting needle and accessory case I can easily slip into my purse.

One of the best presents my husband ever gave me for Christmas was an iPad, yet another gadget.  I can now indulge in all my hobbies (yes, there are knitting apps) anywhere I go, as well as my main creative work, writing.  I can even finger paint with a nifty app I just downloaded last week.

On the negative side, artisans are also very good at making mountains out of molehills.    :P  I try not to dwell on that....

--Karen H.

Chiara DB:
For me one of the telltale signs of an artisan is an intense interest in making stuff with their hands. Just look at Karen's post! A lot of people have crafty hobbies, but an artisan will be highly engaged and almost endlessly fascinated by different forms of hands-on creation activities.

I also note a kind of otherworldly/distracted look in the eyes and in their energy, almost like they're watching/perceiving a movie that no one else can see, and it's giving them LOTS of ideas for their next project.... :D And, lots of time, they're very attractive and cute :)


--- Quote from: Chiara DB on April 17, 2011, 06:22:45 AM --- And, lots of time, they're very attractive and cute :)

--- End quote ---

Sadly that wasn't on the list of ingredients when they made this artisan. I was born a big lumpy pillow with the stuffing all pushed to one side. But in my next lifetime I intend to be the next Brad Pitt, so look out!   ;D

Perhaps more succinctly: Artisans are crafty.



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