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Chiara DB:
mAmbessa, what I'd really want to do is be a detective. I wouldn't want to be a street cop, but I know I'd have to be a street cop before I could be a detective, so that kind of killed that career path for me.

It sounds like you are really putting a lot of heart and thought into this, that will keep you on the right path for sure.

I'm an old king. So my dream job is ordering around a server named Diego to feed me strawberries and wipe the sweat from under my man boobs while lounging on the beach.

Chiara DB:


--- Quote from: Chiara DB on May 28, 2011, 07:13:27 AM ---Ew.

--- End quote ---

what, you have a problem with hispanics or something?   ;)


I think this is that Cynic Sense of humor I heard about


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