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What Attracted You To The Michael Teachings?

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My sister-in-law gave me the first Yarbo book.  The organization of the teaching resonated with observations I had made throughout my life.  I was about  14 when I knew I had been reincarnated regardless of Catholic dogma.  I also knew I have been female more often than male. 

I was a long-time Seth devotee, and when my sister dropped a copy of Messages From Michael into my lap it was love at first...okay, so I hated the book the first time I read it. I thought the concept tried to compartmentalize people and place them in boxes. But years later (around 1995) I rediscovered the teachings and the second time around was the proverbial charm. 

Like others, I would say the concept of soul age fascinated me the most initially, and then little by little I began digging further into the core riches that the teachings offered concerning the psychology of the soul. It explained so much about who I was and why others were different, and from literally day one I've never lost my enthusiasm or fascination with the material. Surprisingly, for over a decade now I've tried to create educational mediums that would help students learn more about the teachings. I can't say I've enjoyed the occasional arrows from my detractors, but being of service to fellow Michael students has always been a great pleasure.


I had always been fascinated with channeling.  While taking a class with Holly Coleman, I brought in pictures of my kids.  I had been having a very challenging relationship with my daughter.  Once Holly told me she was a King/Artisan I felt a whole new world of information opened up for me.  I could now understand why my daughter was they way she was.  The information was so valuable and I began using it as a frame of reference for many of my relationships. 

Before Michael "reached me" I wasn't esoteric at all. My wife was and I always thought: Ok you have your opinion and I have mine. We both had the idea to learn to hypnotize and for me it was the first step not only believing in prior lifes but to get to know about my personal past lives. I read the books from Dr. Michael Newton and Brian Weiss. I was impressed to hear about Life between Lives. I goggled this topic and came to an amazon review about the books from Varda Hasselmann, a german channel in touch with the causal plane entity "The Source". In this review was the sentence: ... just the same as the Michael Teachings. I googled Michael Teachings, found the page where you can downlosd the ebooks from the first 2 Message books, started reading and that was it. Today I have my own Michael Teachings Website in German language.


Hi to all! So good to hear so many more people attracted to the Michael Teachings! I too, have been a long time student
& use them extensively in my readings. The teachings definitely answered a lot of questions for me when I was much younger - especially, as others have pointed out that being  an old soul certainly feels less lonesome.


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