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What Attracted You To The Michael Teachings?

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Old Scholar-Artisan:
I had the MT essentially fall into my lap back around 1995.  I was in a used book store--the home of Scholars--and happened to pick up this book for about 50 cents:

I immediately resonated with the Role of the Scholar.  And I knew I was an Old soul.  It helped me so much to learn that Old souls have the attitude of "been there, done that" and as such often are ready to retire by the time they're 20!  That fit me to a tee.

I got a Michael reading and everything was pretty much dead on with what I had expected.

I still use the teachings daily as a way to frame reality.

In 1991 I was on an organic farm in Belize and flower remedies were channeled for me via Michael.
I thought this was crazy but I was desperate to heal my paralysis at the time when doctors could not help me.
I cleaned my body there and a whole new world of natural medicine was shown me.
I forgot about the Michael channeling because so much happened for me on this farm.
Two years later I was in a book store while visiting Bar Harbor, Maine and the book "Messages from Michael" literally fell of the shelf in front of me. I remembered that afternoon in the jungle and took the book home, read it, and became desperate for any Michael channeling material I could get.

It made total sense to  me.
Thank You Michael
Thank You All

kenneth Margo:
 The explanation of Soul Ages. Also the unsentimentality of Michael's 'teaching' esp in Messages of Michael (He doesnt like to be seen as a Guru). Like  its not about faith and belief, but being aware of what  is our task to progress. That this will happen whether we  'believe' it or not Confirmation of Karma and Reincarnation. Refutation of transmigration of souls,  His comments on marriage, fear being the greatest hindrance to progress and a particular disease of the planet Also his analysis of the corruption of the bible, comments about Buddism and Tao being the least corrupted etc. All this and much more resonated with  I already knew intuitively  but had never seen written.  It was as a prievious  has said,like coming home.

I became interested in eastern, and metaphysical philosophical thought through martial arts and a general desire for spiritual understanding in the 1960's.  A friend, who had listened to my explanations of my spiritual perspective, sent me a copy of Messages From Michael in 1982, and I felt the resonance immediately.  She had never read the book herself, but said that my perspective sounded very similar to the perspective of an acquaintance, who gave her a copy for me.  More Messages, Michael's People, and Michael for the Millennium continued to provide awareness and understanding over the years.  The teaching has been the basis for my spiritual journey ever since.  I work in the entertainment and media industry, and had decided (years ago) to write a fiction novel that has its' basis in the Michael Teaching. Now that the actual writing is in progress, I recently went online for some research, and found this site.  The lack of dogmatic, ritualistic requirements, and the understanding that all is choice (and the ramifications thereof) have been the cornerstones of the Michael Teaching for me.  Thank you for providing a Michael teaching vehicle, and continuing information for all of us who wish to participate.       


I got lucky at my local library finding one of the early Yarbro books I think which served as a good introduction to roles, soul ages, and the excitement of a series of books exploring the topics which are still my favourite topics: past lives with significant others such as Essence Twins, Travelling Companions, Task Companions and Heartlinks.
These are the things that hooked me as I've felt since I was a teenager that my energy at death doesn't just vanish, like different chemical states it progresses into something else ie solid liquid gas as a sort of an analogy.
Prior to coming to the Michael Teachings I had devoured life between life books by Newton, Stevenson, Weiss and Stokes. I had felt validated by the experiences related in these books and have wanted to find a community to talk about the topics, and get some channelling done regarding my past life experiences. I have had my overleaves channelled but not much past life channelling, and this to me is what I am most excited about. Anna


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