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What is for you the special benefit of the Michael Teaching?

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I've come across other personality typing methods and all have been helpful and interesting but none have been connected to spiritual issues in such a postive way as the Michael Teachings are, and none go into such depth.  I ended up in a life situation where I somewhat lost who I am, and yes, I've also been surrounded for most of my life by people who think I'm eccentric because of my beliefs and my need for freedom.  It's taken the study of a couple methods of personality typing and looking into who I really am to help find myself, and it's been a worthwhile adventure because though I was being who I was when I was younger, it was in an unconscious sense.  Now the main question facing me is whether my core Role is to be a Sage or Scholar (edit:  or possibly Priest), though I'm interested in everything the Michael Teachings have to offer.

In the early to mid 80s, I was in search of spiritual teachings which made sense to me. During a Seth phase, I found the CQY books in a Cambridge, MA bookshop, and have been pretty much hooked since then. I've been channeled a couple of times, variously as an artisan, scholar and server. My own self-observation yields Scholar (pretty profoundly so), somewhere in the Mature swamp (I'd say mid to late---but how do you really tell?), maybe an Idealist, probably in Acceptance, and I'd say a primary CF of arrogance and a secondary one of impatience, to name a few Overleaves.

The teaching has really helped me accept myself for who I am: a pretty information-loving guy for whom material things mean relatively little (although I love books and good food), a pretty emotionally centered but intellectual kind of person, who likes the company of friends and family but needs his down time. The MT were liberating for me when I realized I could "be spiritual" and still cultivate my love of intellectual things - as much as Zen and meditation in general fascinated me, I didn't have to walk a non or anti-intellectual path to connect with my soul. Au contraire. Plus the MT helped me understand what was going on when I traversed the fourth monad thing a while back (I'll be 50 this year - so like 15 years ago), and helped me come even more to terms with my being gay in this life. Excellent parents helped too.

The MT have also helped me accept other folks for who they are, not that I'm always 100% successful on that one! The one irony I find in the application of the teachings is that in one of the early CQY books, Michael says that the Overleaves were given to help people stop brooding about personal relationships and to get on with the life task. But I find that people, myself at times included, get so caught up in determining Overleaves that it becomes counterproductive at times. Over time I've realized that at best I'll have an imperfect idea (idealist talking?) of what mine and others' are, and that's how it is. Anyway, it's great to be reminded that we have souls, that we come around again to do it even "better," and that we're here to live our lives in this maddening and exhilarating world.

Hi mtscholar!  I'm just heading out and don't have time to say much, but I wanted to comment on the following:  "The MT were liberating for me when I realized I could "be spiritual" and still cultivate my love of intellectual things...."  I practiced Zen off and on for years and had a similar insight in that I didn't need to put myself in the Zen "box" and be quiet and serious, as most of the Zen students were in this area, but could be more expressive and fun loving and still hold to the teachings. 

When I found MT, I think I thought something like "wow - where was this hiding?"
Then I devoured it in later nights. Things were clicking into places. There are too many to mention them all. Eventually I wanted to know my overleaves. Got them channeled and experienced a powerful self-validation. Sort of "this is me and its okay, I am okay". And also self-understanding - sort of ahas - that is why I do this or that and why I feel about it this way, and these are my options.
It also explained a lot about other people and helped me to get on with them and understand a bit more about what is my part of responsibility in conflicts.

I can so relate with the not being serious part! I'm a scholar, and my posts on here have been pretty serious in tone, but face-to-face I'm kind of a wiseass, a sarcastic NJ boy (now living in the Midwest - help!) who loves being silly and having fun. Not that I'm not serious about lots of things, I am, but one of the things I've always appreciated about Michael is their statements that most people prefer (is that the word?) learning through pain than through joy - implying, as I see it, that one CAN learn through joy. And that true intimacy is fun. That one statement is one of the pillars of the universe for me.


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