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Introductions / Re: Introductions
« on: April 17, 2011, 01:48:15 PM »
Hi Chiara,
I am new to this forum, too. I just joined but have been keeping abreast of the Michael teachings via Dave's forum on Yahoo groups. I am a fifth old scholar (figures) who stumbled into the Michael Teachings in a metaphysical bookstore here in Chicago many years ago. I bought and read every book that was available, gobbling up the information as fast as I could. I've been a 'seeker on the path' since right after my mother died, when I was 32 and am now 68, so I have studied lots and lots of modalities, thought systems, and anything that I sensed would push me further along. Fifteen or so years ago I traveled to Arkansas for a reading with Joya Pope, which was an amazing experience. I came away with answers to my most perplexing questions and indredible insight about the people who surround me every day. I learned to use the pendulum (from one of Sonia Chaquette's early books) to read the overleaves of people, which resulted in my compiling a large notebook I call my 'book of souls'. Learning people's roles, soul ages and overleaves has given me tremendous acceptance and compassion for everyone. I dropped all judgement. This system has changed how I view the world completely.
I want to say a special "hello' to John Roth, with whom I corresponded briefly years ago. John, you and I must be on the same wavelength as i, too, became captivated with Rajaneesh. In addition to the Michael System I am also very interested in Matrix Energetics, Quantum Entrainment, Bashar and Braco. I just had some Bowen Work done on my physical body and am also interested in finding out how that works. Because I am a Gemini, old soul scholar I am curious about almost everything.
My best to everyone here and I am happy to join this merry band of seekers.

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