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Planet of the Apes

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Chiara DB:
The first hour or so is snoozeworthy IMO, but once the apes get together, it gets really good. It ends with a scenario that Michael has talked about in the past -- infant souls wanting to start their cycle here on Planet Earth. I found the whole idea extremely stimulating and cool, and the idea of having apes come to sentience in my native San Francisco Bay Area was just too awesome! I can't wait for the sequel when we get to see how San Francisco deals with having some hairy ape infant souls wanting to do their ape thing in their backyard!! Has anyone else seen this film?

Which version is this?

John Roth:

--- Quote from: Dave on August 28, 2011, 06:35:19 PM ---Which version is this?

--- End quote ---

Didn't they have a sequel? Planet of the Grapes or something?

Chiara DB:
This is the one that is out in theatres now, called Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

I still have a soft spot for the original from...1968??

What a great film score by Jerry Goldsmith. I listen to it on Spotify from time to time.



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