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Warrior / Mature/old Warriors
« on: May 23, 2011, 09:00:04 PM »
What might this look like?

I think one of my best friend from university might be a warrior, or at least could have some warrior aspect to her. I was first surprised when trying to guess her role/cast, as warrior was the one that was superbly fitting but I wouldn't have guessed it of her outright if I had just looked at the stereotypes, and because some warriors I think still rub me in the wrong ways. But I get along with her really well, and she was the first solid friend I made once out of high school. One of those "I know you" resonances, as if we had be friends many times before.

It's like, I'm obviously not the stereotype of a king (young king), so it makes sense that she could also be a bit of a softer warrior, but she still has that fighting spirit in her somewhere, and also likes 'attacking' people, like a small animal. Sometimes I think it can all look a little priesty, but ultimately she just wants to get things done, really likes challenges, and is very good at trouble shooting and being a little soldier on the move. Definitely has both elements of exploration and conquest. When I lived by her she was my small buffer to the world, in that she often drove us places and helped me with daily mundane activities. Got us out of the house and 'to' places.  

She's not incredibly forceful, but can be persuasive. She has a lot of the positive warrior traits in any case: Deliberate, Energetic, Determined, Focused, Grounded, Loves Challenges, Maternal, Nurturing, Organized, Principled, Productive, Protective, Proud, Resourceful, Skillful, Survivor.

That's her in a nutshell! She was also my friend who "didn't procrastinate". (very disciplined) heh.
She also relates a LOT to Lola from Run Lola Run, which is a very warrior-esque film...

But, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don't find her too scary/intimidating, as is the stereotype for some warriors. She's like an old responsible spitfire grandma who's an absolute hoot and who probably would take you down in a 'rumble'. And it makes me wonder also how many other warriors I've known and liked... probably quite a few...

Generally I feel warriors and myself are on the same page, in terms of getting down to the pertinent information in a quicker fashion. An art tutor I had was very obviously a warrior and no one liked talking to him about their art because he was very blunt and said things straight out. But I loved it because I could 'brief' him about what was going on and then he would be satisfied and would leave me alone to do my things (he was always on the move). Our art talks never took more than 5 minutes, really. heh. Found it much easier to satisfy him because I could just tell him what he wanted to know. Other tutors I felt like I'd have to go on and on about the nuances of my project until they'd go away.

Anyway. What are your experiences of older warriors?

Bodytypes / Body types and Centering
« on: May 17, 2011, 11:11:02 AM »

So, my main two body types are active, Mercurial and Saturnine (with a bit of Venusian) but it's paired with emotional centering/intellectual part.

Which seems rather abrading. lol.

Sometimes I'm scared to be more active and moving because when I do I just move so fast due to the built up energy. Otherwise, I am more inclined to sitting in a chair for hours while my mind/emotions are going a mile a minute (very active).

It made me think I was a bit bipolar more than a few times because I just feel pretty manic and able to do a LOT when I really get going and really tend to go back and forth between positive action and negative action energy (sat. and merc. respectively), but also get a lot of racing thoughts and my brain often feels constantly abuzz with activity due to not being very moving centered. I do walk everywhere (and rather compactly, with determination), but am thinking, would it be more beneficial if I actually did some aerobic exercising? (yes probably). I used to do track in high school but really hated running for the sake of running. I think I'm much better off doing things like swing dancing or rollerblading... something more fun and engaging.

But I just noticed that combination the other day, of very active body types paired with a not very physically active centers, and realized that it possibly contributes a lot to my often overheated brain and nervous energy. A friend said once that I was like a bottle of shaken up soda always ready to pop but somehow staying contained.

Coupled with king energy and other influences and I just can get to feeling really pent up inside without others really realizing. Wound up and alert but on the outside merely like a rumbling volcano (gentle but serious, yet fun and "on"). I definitely am a total mixture of mercurial and saturnine though. It's a bit weird seeing it all.

Do your guys' body combos abrade with your centers? Or are they a bit more in tune?
I don't really mind my combination too much, just thought it was interesting to notice.

The Seven Modes / "vividly _____ "
« on: May 06, 2011, 12:00:51 AM »
Came across this quote the other day:

?"...for the 'florid person', life is vividly good, vividly bad, or vividly dull. We certainly understand how something could be a party, exciting and stimulating. But how can life be vividly dull?"

Which instantly reminded me of the Lion tamer Monty Python sketch. For some reason Michael Palin's expression of the dullness of chartered accountancy has always resonated with me (being in passion mode). Of course something can be vividly dull! ;) "it's dull dull dull, Ohh, my GOD it's dull, it's so desperately dull and tedious and stuffy and boring and desperately DULL!"

Passion mode... to me I guess anything can be 'vivid'. Even if it's boring, it's going to be vividly boring. lol. Or perhaps passion in conjunction with emotional centering is going to feel the vividness of anything and everything all the more.

What are others' experience of passion mode (whether in yourselves, or in others)? Sometimes I feel quite irrepressible, and being around more reserved fellows feel guilty that I'm rather all over the place and inspired, 'high' and colorful, even though I'm relatively contained and introverted. It's usually that I can see directly how I come across to people who are in reserve mode and have emotionally centering last... I'm sure they must cringe a little.

I'm also conscious of how much I tend to use exclamation points, italics and smilies...

Soul Age / 6th level mature
« on: April 26, 2011, 12:30:21 AM »
Any ways or tips you know of to help soothe the road of 6th level mature? :P

It's weird having a life task to enjoy myself whilst still in the midst of feeling like I'm being hit over the head, feeling often dazed and confused, depressed, bipolar, and in rather constant inner emotional turmoil about everything. I don't know if I'm getting better at it or more accepting that I'm just having to pay back karma right now... or if I'm getting worse. There's such a lot of SELF-karma involved too. For now I'm mostly being a semi-recluse and trying to take a time out...  though I'm not actually sure what it is that I'm keeping up to date with, the state of my soul? Trying to be more consciously aware in any case.

Anyway, sorry if this 'stuff' leaks out onto forum in the future, or apologies if I seem crazy or arrogant or too much on passion mode. I'm trying to deal with it....     

Past Lives & Reincarnation / Finding out about past lives
« on: April 25, 2011, 10:43:41 PM »

I've always been really curious about my past lives, as I've had quite a lot of 'resonance' with particular time periods and groups of people (so much so that it feels more like home than the present time does), and so I've always wondered if I'd lived then, or in the periods I love so much. I think the high resonance is actually what got me into believing in past lives and living more than once. It seemed to make more sense. I had also met people in my life where I was sure that I knew them before.

Anyway, as much as I've been curious about my past lives, I've found it really difficult to access them by myself. I don't know if it's just that I'm on the action axis and am therefore more tied to the physical plane, or that I just don't have as good visualization skills as I need...

Much to my delight, it's great knowing that I could have past life info channeled for me. I just don't have all the funds for it yet, nor really know how to go about it. I'm also selfishly drawn to the "was I anyone who would turn up in the history books" question, as I'm a king so maybe I'm sure I must have at some point? But who knows.

I did once have a past life hypnosis session, but the results were a bit skewed as I had it in my head that I might have been someone relatively well known that I was slightly obsessed about. The session was interesting though, as though it was difficult for me to visualize, there was a LOT of kinesthetic detailing, things like 'feeling' colors and feeling angry, feeling sad, feeling the wind and seeing the trees move, feeling delirious with illness etc.

Have any of you found out about your past lives through other means (besides channeling)? Or have you channeled Michael/info for yourselves?

Just kind of interested in all the different methods and experiences...

King / The King Presence
« on: April 15, 2011, 10:19:37 PM »

Being a King, it's interesting reading about the rather 'moses parting the red sea' effect that kings supposedly have when they walk around in public (I'm assuming mostly due to their big energy emanating). I'm quite self-conscious about being stared at, so often it can feel awkward yet somewhat empowering/interesting to notice.

It does seem to be a 'thing' with kings though, as I've watched a few bios and interviews with celebrity kings which describe 'how they affect a room of people'. For instance, just having watched a youtube interview of Clive Owen, it was said of him by a producer that, "Clive has extraordinary vigor, and of course great looks, he walks into a room and one's eye immediately goes to him, he's dashing and glamorous, earthy and real, and Clive manages to combine those qualities with extraordinarily charismatic effect". (well yeah, sounds like a king if I've ever heard one).

Also was one on Jack Kerouac where one described him as shy when walking into a room but that people immediately took notice anyway.

Of course, often to me it seems a bit weird to validate this, as it essentially sounds pretty egoistic in my head like "oh yeah, people are staring at me aaallll the time... but I'm not paranoid, honest...". It kind of turns me into a hermit, and I feel I can't even go out in a jeans and t-shirt without feeling 'recognized'. Before I was channeled as being a King I had no fraking clue what was going on or if I was just really hypersensitive (so yes it's helpful 'knowing').

It's just an eerie feeling.

I know kings aren't really a dime a dozen but has anyone had king friends (or are a king themselves) who get stared at? Do they mind it? Do they use it to their advantage? Is it really a phenomenon that happens? It's not necessarily that people 'make way' for me or see me coming from behind them and so move. It's more of a 'making entrances' thing, walking into a place.

I don't charge into rooms or aggressively take tables, I'm pretty quiet, but people look up anyway. Or else people remember me. I'm a cafe hopper just because if I go to the same cafe two times in a row then I'm pretty much a regular.  :P But it's just weird!

What are your guys' experience with the King presence? How do they make you feel? Are you impelled to look up? What does it feel like when one starts talking? (I'm also really good at silencing rooms darn it). Being a king it's hard to see the other side.

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