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I got lucky at my local library finding one of the early Yarbro books I think which served as a good introduction to roles, soul ages, and the excitement of a series of books exploring the topics which are still my favourite topics: past lives with significant others such as Essence Twins, Travelling Companions, Task Companions and Heartlinks.
These are the things that hooked me as I've felt since I was a teenager that my energy at death doesn't just vanish, like different chemical states it progresses into something else ie solid liquid gas as a sort of an analogy.
Prior to coming to the Michael Teachings I had devoured life between life books by Newton, Stevenson, Weiss and Stokes. I had felt validated by the experiences related in these books and have wanted to find a community to talk about the topics, and get some channelling done regarding my past life experiences. I have had my overleaves channelled but not much past life channelling, and this to me is what I am most excited about. Anna

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