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Title: "vividly _____ "
Post by: Velleity on May 06, 2011, 12:00:51 AM
Came across this quote the other day:

?"...for the 'florid person', life is vividly good, vividly bad, or vividly dull. We certainly understand how something could be a party, exciting and stimulating. But how can life be vividly dull?"

Which instantly reminded me of the Lion tamer Monty Python sketch. For some reason Michael Palin's expression of the dullness of chartered accountancy has always resonated with me (being in passion mode). Of course something can be vividly dull! ;) "it's dull dull dull, Ohh, my GOD it's dull, it's so desperately dull and tedious and stuffy and boring and desperately DULL!"


Passion mode... to me I guess anything can be 'vivid'. Even if it's boring, it's going to be vividly boring. lol. Or perhaps passion in conjunction with emotional centering is going to feel the vividness of anything and everything all the more.

What are others' experience of passion mode (whether in yourselves, or in others)? Sometimes I feel quite irrepressible, and being around more reserved fellows feel guilty that I'm rather all over the place and inspired, 'high' and colorful, even though I'm relatively contained and introverted. It's usually that I can see directly how I come across to people who are in reserve mode and have emotionally centering last... I'm sure they must cringe a little.

I'm also conscious of how much I tend to use exclamation points, italics and smilies...

Title: Re: "vividly _____ "
Post by: Chiara DB on May 08, 2011, 06:13:18 AM
My husband is in Passion mode, and it generally means he completely throws himself into whatever it is he's doing or feeling. His normal "happy" or "angry" feelings are other people's "ecstatic, just saw God!!" or "relationship destroyed forever!!" It took me a long time to understand that his being angry at me doesn't mean he wants to banish me from his life (quite the opposite), even though if it were anyone else acting like that it certainly would! And his being excited about something new doesn't mean he's about to drop everything and take up that new thing, yelling "YEE HAW" along the way, even though that would be a reasonable assumption if he were someone else! I used to get all worried, being a pragmatist and instantly seeing all the impracticalities and getting upset at the thought of upsetting our lives, etc., but now I understand where he's coming from -- he just gets excited about possibilities, he's not presenting me with a fait accompli that I just have to accept on a wave of enthusiasm.

This does mean also that we've dealt with years of him being very excited about some new person, only to find out later they were all talk, and they would close up and run away as soon as it was time to produce the goods. I think Frieda Lawrence said the same thing about DH Lawrence -- "He thinks his new friends are great cathedrals, only to find out they are dirty little huts" or something to that effect. He's learned now not to get excited over people's social mirroring of his enthusiasm, because the fact is, almost no one is as enthusiastic, positive, and open as he is. This is very rough on him, but it's better for him to face reality than get continually smacked down by people who love his passion at first, then are annoyed by it when his Priest nature comes to bear, and he starts to see their blocks and lovingly and enthusiastically (and doggedly) encourages them to deal with them...LOL! Yeah, not many people are into that...

It's sometimes awkward to live with someone in Passion mode, because most people seem to kind of protect themselves from feeling and acting that way, so at times he seems out of place, and being a King, I'm very sensitive to that. On the other hand, I see how his openness and enthusiasm brings light and joy to everyone he meets, if they're open to it. I've seen people go from being grey and sad to open and bright, just by his giving their authentic selves a little bit of his Priest attention, with the enthusiasm and energy that his Passion mode brings. It's really one of my joys in life, to see him take someone who is running on automatic, totally ignore social conventions and acknowledge their subjectivity, and then see them bloom and come alive before my eyes, smiling and warm and, at least for a few minutes, transformed.

This is turning into a tribute to my wonderful husband, but he is in Passion mode, so I think it counts! ;)
Title: Re: "vividly _____ "
Post by: Velleity on May 08, 2011, 09:56:46 PM
Do you know his attitude? Mine's Realist, so that coupled with Passion is a weird thing at times... getting involved with things or having passionate reactions (whether they're books, people, a new discovery), and then standing back and having to consider the big picture and all the options and views and what's 'really going on', and it's like I check myself before passion gets too out of hand (usually), or go back later and am slightly embarrassed by all my enthusiasm (coupled with realist often not making much of a succinct point... rambling city here we come). But I can definitely imagine that Passion with a more optimistic/idealistic etc. attitude would not tamper it down as much! And Passion with Priest... eee! :) Love your description of him, passion is a priest overleaf anyway, so I'm sure it just feels right to him.
Title: Re: "vividly _____ "
Post by: Chiara DB on May 08, 2011, 10:40:01 PM
His attitude is Idealist, so -  emotionally centered Priest in Growth, Idealist attitude, Passion mode  = OMG!! Only an emotionally centered King in Growth, Pragmatist attitude, and Power mode could handle this one! :D

That is very interesting to have Passion mode and Realist attitude together -- they seem to cancel each other out! I think they call those abrading overleaves in one of the Michael books, it would be interesting to look that up and see what the purpose of abrading overleaves are.
Title: Re: "vividly _____ "
Post by: Velleity on May 09, 2011, 12:21:01 AM
Whoa!  :D

I think realist tends to keep me grounded and not as likely to completely run away with things (passion and emotions). Looking at my overleaves in context of my life task (which is to savor the moments and enjoy life, to slow down and digest things on the physical plane)... they're amazingly coordinated to facilitate that sort of experience. I get the vividry and intensity to enjoy and digest things more fully, things are more impacting, but if I didn't have Realist I think I'd be going way too fast (which is what my essence doesn't want this time round), and might have gone insane sooner than I did. lol. Realist also still lets me enjoy things and generally fits nicely with flow (it's not as much of a downer as cynic or skeptic might be, though I do slide to cynic and it's always a nice break! Get into my "Daria"/Jane Lane mode. lol).

My mom always told me that I had "quiet passion", which definitely makes sense if you know me. :) Passion's so fun when it comes out, such a high! And Life Is Good! Everything's wonderful. Or, things are BAAAD but it feels okay to complain about them and to go stare darkly in a cafe writing everything down in a journal (which is why cynic feels nice when I'm in a lower mood). heh.
Title: Re: "vividly _____ "
Post by: Dave on May 09, 2011, 06:28:23 AM
Passion can also lead to intense suffering if you're not careful. One of the Michael books states that people in passion can suffer with more agony than anyone else. And if you're unfortunate enough to have overleaves that draw your expression inward, that must be a deep, protracted pain that cruelly and incessantly implodes. Ugh! 

I'm also in passion/realism, and there is indeed a push/pull effect that abrades in a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde sort of way. My passion implores me to leap and bound through the world like that large hairy dog, Howard Huge, but my inner realist constantly wants to slow down and assess the beautiful things around me from an objective stance. It's a stark contrast of seeing everything in the world as bigger than life, coupled with a constant obstructionist who only wants to see the unvarnished truth. That's not only abrading, it can feeling like perpetually diving off a high board and belly flopping.

This constant push/pull eventually makes one a bit neurotic. I've managed to find the happy medium by expressing myself in ways where it's perfectly normal to feel passion but exercise big picture objectivism at the same time, like when performing music.

And that classic Python skit takes me back to the late 70s when I used to huddle around the TV and watch those syndicated shows, or wear out my Python records. Great times.

Title: Re: "vividly _____ "
Post by: Chiara DB on May 10, 2011, 02:23:14 AM
I can vouch for the idea that Passion leads to intense suffering -- I've certainly experienced that with the Mister. Dave, from all your past life readings you've been posting of late, and knowing the overleaves you have this time around, your essence must be playing at the advanced level, enjoying and capable of handling a good challenge :) I like what you said about the combination of expression and control that is musical performance. That is so true, and the endless paradoxes of playing an instrument (or being one, as it were) is one of the reasons why it is such a fulfilling activity to me. All functions are ON, or else the thing doesn't go. Or least it doesn't go very well :)
Title: Re: "vividly _____ "
Post by: Velleity on May 10, 2011, 07:12:07 AM

Yes, John Cleese's character is usually my realist attitude... suggesting I probably can't tame lion armadillos with just a hat...

But Erg. Suffering... check.

Mine also seems to cycle. Getting slightly carried away, then crashing back to reality... probably because I'm not at the moment putting my passion into something where it can stay (i.e. 'the arts'. like you said Dave). I had it nearly perfectly balanced for only one year, 6 years ago. And it was fabulous. Passion had a direction, and outlet, and realist made me come home for dinner and books.

I wouldn't trade passion though (not for this lifetime anyway).


Title: Re: "vividly _____ "
Post by: Dave on May 10, 2011, 09:08:18 PM

Yes, John Cleese's character is usually my realist attitude... suggesting I probably can't tame lion armadillos with just a hat…

Well, if you ever do, be sure to post a picture on Facebook.   :D

Title: Re: "vividly _____ "
Post by: Dave on May 10, 2011, 09:23:00 PM
I can vouch for the idea that Passion leads to intense suffering -- I've certainly experienced that with the Mister. Dave, from all your past life readings you've been posting of late, and knowing the overleaves you have this time around, your essence must be playing at the advanced level, enjoying and capable of handling a good challenge :)

Since overleaves are usually selected to aid with the life task or other similar ventures, it would be interesting to know what I was thinking -- if anything.  ;) My initial guess is that I clearly required passion for my pursuits, but threw in realist to avoid the leap before you look kind of passion that ignores the available choices and jumps off the cliff without a bungee cord because someone thought it was a fun idea.

Title: Re: "vividly _____ "
Post by: John Roth on May 11, 2011, 01:19:24 PM
Since passion mode is exalted inspirational, it means that there's an inner drive that wants to get out in a big way. If someone does it at all, it almost has to be "larger than life."

So, Dave, what it looks like to me is that your passion is going to supporting the Michael Teachings with web sites, etc, while music is your day job. Realist makes perfect sense in that context, since it lets you check what would actually be effective.

John Roth
Title: Re: "vividly _____ "
Post by: mtscholar on May 11, 2011, 04:15:13 PM
I completely understand the whole anger thing with folks in Passion mode. I'm pretty sure my partner is in Passion, and it's taken me a long time to realize that when he gets angry it's not nearly as major as I think it is, despite the drama. Were I to behave like that when I got angry, it would definitely mean it was a big deal.
Title: Re: "vividly _____ "
Post by: Chiara DB on May 23, 2011, 09:30:22 PM
mtscholar, it's weird, isn't it? Even 13 years later, I still sometimes have to remind myself.
Title: Re: "vividly _____ "
Post by: mtscholar on May 30, 2011, 06:32:22 AM
Yeah, going on 10 years here. The funny thing is that I sometimes wonder if I'm in Passion too but, being a scholar, am rather less passionate about my passion. Or perhaps it's just my emotional centering that feels like passion at times.