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Geoff R.:
Hi Dave, does the forum have an option to require that the user validate their email address before they're able to post? That might cut down on at least some of the spam.
Also, I have a fair amount of experience modifying wordpress and vbulletin source code to prevent spamming (I'm a software programmer by trade). Haven't worked on Simple Machines before, but it's written in php, so it's most likely not that dissimilar. If the amount of spam becomes untenable for you, I may be able to help.


Thanks, Geoff.

I think SMF does have that setting to validate emails, so I'll investigate it further. I just eased my workload somewhat by configuring it so new members need to be approved before they can create a profile, etc. I had hoped to avoid that, but now I can check the requests to join, check the IPs at various spam agencies, and determine if the IP is associated with spamming. That's cut some of the time down. But if it gets any worse, I'll give you a yell. These spammers are remarkably persistent.



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