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"What about MP4s ?" - They are better, but still compressed. Remember, this is all about money (bandwidth).  For true audiophiliacs
a gallimaufry of: .shn, APE, .aiff, .flac or.wav is preferred (.wma has processing problems with non-Windows equipment).

1: Neologism
2: Audiophiliac (c.- J.Thrasher, 1969)
3: Gallimaufry
4: Lexicographic
5: Etymological

(I am never far from my OED, if anyone needs lexicographic or etymological help)

Suggestions/Help / "Working Groups"
« on: April 22, 2011, 12:27:55 AM »
Hey Dave,  I Haven't Really Seen Much About One Of My Former Favorite MT Subjects: 'Working Groups' in a while (probably just missed them in the clouds of 'paisley haze' that have been my companions since the '70s). If they don't already have a niche, do you think they should be in a 'daughter site' over in 'Task Companions" or  .  .  .  ?  .  .  .   - Dalf

I'm not sure that everyone newly arrived and off-loafed, is aware of the ongoing Sunday Night Live Chat Room Channeling sessions, provided free of charge for years* at the 'other 'MT' Site.  This has been one of the most "demonstrative of egalitarian intent" indicators I have experienced in my 40 year struggle to "know myself".  These sessions can provide one answer per session, either general or personal, on specific Past Life information. "Overleaves" are generally better provided, for a nominal fee, by one of the revered longtime Michael Channels (of which I am NOT one, BTW, I have an occasional epiphany and many theories. only)  I'll never forget the amazed satisfaction I finally felt, in 1995, as I read an e-mail containing the Overleaves a Michael Channel named Ted Fontaine had cheerfully sent my way, no charge.  I had at that point, never met the man, or had any interaction other than mutual recommendations for esoteric spiritual datasites, like the few upon which we had met.  Needless to say, they are still the most effective spiritual tool I have EVER come across, and still MORE than 90% accurate.    - theDalphe

(I thought I had noticed the singular presence of an oboist recently, which means I could deliver the ONE piece of Oboist data that has persisted in remaining accessible to my recollection for more than 20+ years now. This is one of the most notable indicators of '"Sage"Mind': storing up little pieces of data - sometimes just a word or phrase to be passed on to someone you know you will meet.)

*(donations cheerfully accepted);{>  

The Seven Goals / Re: "Growth" Sucks ! (Remember ! ?)
« on: April 21, 2011, 12:19:47 AM »
There is no correlation I can see between The Goal and Past-Life Viewing capabilities, except in special situations
involving Scholars and Kings. Sorry. I have access (infrequent and intermittant) to memories of the mentioned
lifetimes (but not in great or total detail).  I can remember the "hungry" lifetimes because I promised myself I would! The cruelty of what I thought were life situations caused by the ineptitude of the "Architect" when my lifetime was Buddhist, or the evil madness of the "Demi-Urgos" when the lifetime was Gnostic etc, propelled me on the path to defining, for myself, a theory about the reasons for such senseless suffering.  Of course the fact that I was trained in how to be an 'effective' MKULTRA Psychic by our Government thislife might have helped my ability to get little 'flashes' from Past Lives.  Remember also that Sages have that 'triple input' capacity and this can be used in a variety of ways to enhance recollection of 'buried' data that may be lurking unseen in the Sage's Astral experience buffers.

The Seven Goals / "Growth" Sucks !
« on: April 20, 2011, 07:05:46 AM »
OK, I'll drop my outrage and frustration and self-righteous condemnation here, as I describe the reasons for how a Goal Of Growth leads to affront of all those emotional reaction triggers and more  .  .  .  AND THAT IS JUST HOW IT AFFECTS THE AFFLICTED FRAGMENT  .  .  .  Dave was the first Michael Channel to effectively communicate to me the impact a character that cares ONLY for their own expansive outcomes can have on themselves and others.

Personally, I remember in EVERY lifetime, AND year, every month, and every hour when I went hungry AND was mistreated by other Dharma imprisoned inmates!  I remember every time up hungry but couldn't eat because if i did, my family would have no food.  I remember everytime I had to plant my food, and go to bed hungry, so that I MIGHT have food to eat if I made it to the fall. (You get the picture).  Evidently some Essences are more sadistic than others, and no small few prefer to use hunger as an 'effective' goad to Growth!

I can remember close to 120 lives where I, or a member of my family, or someone my Essence owed however many "3-squares" went hungry or made me go hungry.  Growth sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Parallel Universes & Selves / Re: Movie Recommendation: Source Code
« on: April 20, 2011, 06:53:05 AM »
It's in my Netflix Queue ( I have over 4,000 films seen and reviewed, so if you are curious about anything more than a month old, good chance I saw it. I have a Musician/collector friend who did Horror Makeup in Hollywood, off and on for a year, so that Genre is covered. Thnen there are my 3,000 lossless Live recordings (R.O.I.Os  Legal for me to share with NO copyright payment, or infringement difficulties due to Artist total control of distribution decisions, ajudicated susbsequent to the Napster decision).  Besides, I HATE the sound (or lack thereof) of MP3s!  SO MUCH COMPRESSION  .  .  .  compare the actual size of an MP3 file with the actual sixe of the same song saved as: wav, .aiff or .flac !  MP3s have only 10% of the sound (data), only 10% of what you would hear, if you were listenint to the band LIVE!      - Jondalf

Matrix 1 2 and 3
Navigator (VHS Only, European, OOP)
Naked Lunch
Time Bandits
Star Trek
Star Trek 4
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adven`ture
The 13th Floor
Children Of Men
Mad Max

Butterfly Effect
They Live
13th Warrior
Buckaroo Banzai In The 8th Dimension
El Topo
8 1/2
The Island
Never Let Me Go
Call Me Bruce
What The Bleep Do We Know
Zacariah, An Electric Western (OOP)
Time Machine
Bubba Ho-Tep
The Weathered Underground

There is a Theory, personally for years "In Held Twas In I"*:  When the Multiverse once again collapses to a singularity, as is its cyclic wont, many trillion years from now; those of us who have 'kept the faith' and survive down through all the long, dark, lonely aeons after the last star goes neutron and all remaining matter inexorably  .  .  .  slowly  .  .  .   moves to the center, may find fewer still that then remember the Oath:  "No living being should EVER be sacrificed."^  These last then will once again attempt what we KNOW to be possible, demonstrated by that miraculously lucky handful of Souls, who made it through the "last black hole" become solely energy: radiation remaining coherent through the event horizon and beyond as another "Big Bang" again begins the familiar expansion  .  .  .  diastole  .  .  .  sytsole, ad infinitum.  And if we have managed to hold on to enough, the nature of the next "Wheel of Dharma" may NOT be:  "Life Feeds On LIfe" ever again.   We pray that some new paradigm:  co-operative and NOT competitive, will prevail  .  .  .  and we will scrutinize with great care the new mechanisms of evolution as systems and data, and we will attempt to recognize any flaws that might cause suffering, and vow to carry our aspirations to correct such flaws through ongoing analysis and improvement as long as we can bear.

Thus, the repeated tempering of Will and drive to survive, and the testing, again and again, of the coherence of our creed through innumerable events of apparent total dissolution, which we know once again - through which we have managed to proceed and beyond which we have found ourselves AND our centers before - this  process of return to the raging entropy of THE Creative (Hexagram 1:  CH'IEN Force/Dragon) may be The Way The Tao forges itself to always progress, and improve.  So perhaps without this reunification - "trial by Dragonfire" - the ultimate test of one's faith in one's self: to dissipate entirely, and yet somehow to be successfully reformed,  proof of the preservation of self and the perseverance of purpose might not occur with as much persuasion and punctilio.

Perhaps THIS may be one explanation pertinent to your request: PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT ! Here is a hidden insight into a possible reason for multiple Grand Cycles if you, like me, accept the premises of the supposition of ultimate intent.  If so then here is a precious epiphany and solution to any self-doubt about surrender of self-control,  designed to recur as the compulsion to prove the truth of one's Faith through the experience of inevitable indestructability, absent of ANY control of self or assertion of control, thus confirming the ABSOLUTE and OMNIPOTENT essential control inherent In The Tao as illustrated through the conundrum of Return To The Tao  - theDalphe.

 *Procol Harum '68 ("to which I lend creedence")  
^Jainism: "ahimsa"

Past Lives & Reincarnation / Re: Cycles, Ages & Levels
« on: April 19, 2011, 12:55:10 PM »
WOW!  Astral Incarnation CPAs  .  .  .  or maybe more like Soul Age College Guidance Counselors  .  .  .  yeah, that's the ticket!  Did he say if those specialists were predominantly of any particular Role?  (like - Scholars would make sense, right?) or if they were at any common Level in either of the two non-corporeal Soul Ages?  Always curious [damn Sages in Growth, always wanting to stuff their mental gullets with 'grindage' (Pauly Shore)]

General Discussion / Re: Native Americans
« on: April 19, 2011, 12:40:30 PM »
in 1995 I studied with a Apache/Hopi Shamaness, Maria Yraceburo - one of Jamie Sams' Moon Circle Priestesses, whose Tribal Medicine Tradition included learning to step across thin parts of what I call The Veil Between Worlds,  instructed by the Astral Essence of her Clan Totem: a 300 year old mummified snake she would hold above our crown chakra while having us speak aloud one desire for assistance with an aspect of our lives.  Everyone else (all women, this was a Moon Circle - usually for women only) asked for help getting rid of stuff, like bad habits, I asked for help in becoming better at Conscious Channeling, specifically I asked for help 'tuning in' one particular disembodied entity: The Michael.  She was teaching downstairs, when I lived above a New Age Shop in Fremont, California, and invited me to join the group since I was already there anyway - she said she felt my auric field from downstairs.

I learned A LOT. The Hopi have a bunch of historical stories ("  .  .  .  and then one day after a few years of bad drought, the Anasazi just all packed up their tools and weavings and hiked down into the mountains of central Mexico and found the hole that was the tunnel to the next world.  They climbed on down and no-one has seen or heard from them since.") and lots of sophisticated explanations of multiple dimensions that sound like descriptions of Calabai-Yau Space and stuff that fits right into the "Many Worlds Theory" as well as awareness of the non-chronology of disembodied existence.

One thing I have always remembered with fondness was a saying of hers, about one way to know if you might have done a timeline shift without being aware of the process.  She insisted that 9 times out of 10, if you couldn't find you car keys, you had made a quantum leap, 'cause it was difficult to cross over with metallic objects.  I've never forgotten that.

General Discussion / Re: Native Americans
« on: April 19, 2011, 12:09:29 PM »
I have one caveat about the Aztec and the Inca, and the relative ease with which The Conquistadors conquered them, and this has nagged me for years.  Does anyone remember in the book "Dune", by Frank Herbert, the 'Bene Gesserit' Sisterhood of Priestesses had, for thousands of years, introduced myths and legends whenever they first encountered a new, primitive society as they systematically seeded the Galaxy with their religious dicta.  These myths were specifically engineered and tailored to provide a pre-existing mythological niche for any Bene Gesserit cognoscenta that found themselves, perhaps millenia later, on any planet so acculturated,  Thus the inculcated social imprinting provided in cultural "leverage" with which the missionaries might manipulate the natives toward whatever end was deemed necessary for the benefit of the church.


Absolutely too bizarre an occurence (given that both the Incas and the Aztecs had similar culturally imbedded resonant mythologies that truly allowed the Spaniards to be treated with an absence of suspicion about there motives, and an abundance of gratuitous deference and a lowering of defensive attitudes towards alien races) too be a simple random instance of benificent fortune I say.  There are a few researchers [Sitchin and Hambly (?) to name two] who, from Sumerian texts onward can point to evidence for the theory that the developement and then maintenance of Homo Sapiens (and later, Homo Sapiens Sapiens) was a bio-engineeering process, repeated on various habitable ecospheres also engineered (terraformed) across this Galaxy, the process providing the "Custodial" beings, possessed of advanced technology which seemed to make them "Divine" beings as perceived by the slave races, with plentiful and subjugated labor forces suitable for the mining and garthering of materials the "Custodians" needed for the support of their advanced spaceworthy vehicles and devices.  At this point I can almost just hear Dave grinding his teeth as he realizes I've once again managed to introduce my pet "Von Daniken" hypothesis to yet another unsuspecting forum.  There are confirmational references to this subject matter (The Michael is assuring me as I type) in the body of recorded, but never formally published channeled material from the first 4 years of the Orinda Group (including my obsession: the texts from the sessions channeled through the "upgraded/reengineered" Ouija Boards - necessitated because the 'store bought' products apparently wore out under the inundation of data coming through at that time).  J.P. Van Hulle has been kind enough to have given me the phone number of the gentleman/Orinda Group Member/one time Archivist who is supposed to still have this stuff somewhere.  I will endeavor to track it down.  John Roth may know of whom I speak or maybe one of the other kind souls/scions of the members of the original group will recall something.

So, have I strayed too far through Expression to Oration?  You all will have to not worry about offending me and tell me when I have plunged of the edge of the world of brevity into the misty netherworld of insufferable digression, OK.  I supposedly (statistically) have between only one and three years of harvested saphous vein arterial bypass longevity remaining after my open-heart surgery two years ago and I feel compelled to 'get it all down'.  John Dalmas, you better not outlive me by too many decades, or I'll be offended.  - Thrasher

The Seven Chief Fears (or Features) / Self-Destruction
« on: April 18, 2011, 05:29:50 PM »
Manifests as:   Alcoholism, drug addiction, sex addiction, risky behavior, thrill-seeking, pugnaciousness, belligerence, masochism, self-loathing, self-sacrifice (Martyrdom - Pos. Pole), burn-out (Immolation - Neg. Pole), religious zealotry, sloth, gluttony, abnegation of personal responsibility,
ignorance etc. etc. - basically any weird-ass, convoluted way of ending an incarnation - fast or slow, no matter - will do.  A very insidious Chief-Feature that creeps up when you least expect it, especially when you think you have overcome it in all its varied guises.

Past Lives & Reincarnation / Re: Cycles, Ages & Levels
« on: April 18, 2011, 04:38:47 PM »
I absolutely agree that number of lifetimes is individual.  There are SO many factors that Essence would need to consider for ANY single incarnation, that the concept I termed "nominal" seems to have been alluded to in MFM either MMFM ("Messages From Michael", & "More Messages From Michael" respectively, the first two Michael books, for those unfamiliar with long term student's shorthand) as maybe an attempt by The Michael to give the original group some enumerated conceptual framework.  I do seem to remember the figure of '5 lifetimes' to complete a Level, Soul Age notwithstanding, being offered as a 'rule of thumb' or 'average' rubric during that time (please correct me if I'm wrong, anyone).

And your point about the math being elusive is well taken.  Not only because of Role differences, which must be crucial, but also pertinent to any specific fragment, if there are concurrent incarnations of said fragment on several separate Levels and/or Ages, in either the same timeline or parallel analogs, moving at faster or slower paces than each other.  Makes my head hurt just attempting to imagine the probability vector calculations Essence might make in choosing each and every life.  Maybe they have longstanding formulae or astral algorithms they use, eh?

Past Lives & Reincarnation / Cycles, Ages & Levels
« on: April 18, 2011, 06:55:33 AM »
OK, I'll start this one off ("Mr. Michael Math" where are you?);{>

So, according to the Teachings, there are 5 Soul Ages in which we are incarnate on the physical: Baby, Infant, Young, Mature and Old.  Each of these has 7 levels.  "Average/usual/mean/minimal" number of lifetimes to accomplish each level seems to, supposedly/optimally, be about 5 (anybody feel free to jump in here and correct me - I'm just running with what The Michael has given/is giving me here).  Therefore, as far I have been led to believe, 175 lives per cycle would be nominal.

I am told that a entire Cycle has (rarely) been accomplished in a minimum of 70 lifetimes, but that most Cycles number in the hundreds of incarnations.  I, personally, am in lifetime number 454 of 3 chronoconsecutive Cycles at 7th Level Mature, herenow, thiswhen.

"Grand Cycles" are something else, about which I am often confused. (OT: But with, I believe, good reason. See my blog if curious.)

Channeling / Channeling: My Provenance. - Jondalf
« on: April 18, 2011, 06:16:48 AM »
I feel the need to relate my personal history of exposure to the subject of "Channeling", for the ongoing better understanding of my occasional
disagreements with The Michael.

I was first taught to channel during a '60s experimental psychedelic gestalt experience called "Monday Night Class".  Every monday night (beginning, for me, in 1968) for a year or two, up to 1,000+ 'seekers' would gather at The Family Dog (a hall on Ocean Beach in San Francisco) take LSD, and then attempt to  interact with each other, & our 'sat-guru', an ex-Marine shaman named Stephen Gaskin.  We would ALL attempt to learn about reality, and metaphysics, and spirituality, you name it.

Stephen would astound everyone continually by fielding ANY question, from ANYBODY in the audience, and answering (with an ongoing, consensually agreed upon accuracy rate of 85%+) with pertinent, enlightening probity and commentary.  Stephen asserted that he (and we all) could access "The Akashic Records", as delineated by Edgar Cayce - "The Sleeping Prophet", because we had been given the metaphysical tool of LSD to assist us in "de-programming" ourselves from Judeo-Christianic conditioning (see: "Life Against Death", by Norman O Brown) and to aid us in our spiritual aspirations.  Thus began MY introduction into the "Channeling Arts", years before the advent of the MT.

Therefore, if my responses to some core MT principles seem a bit odd, just remember the movie: "Men Who Stare At Goats", and realize how differently some of us were trained.  NAMASTE` -  Jondalf

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