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Is it a violation of karma when you kill an insect? Where is the line drawn?


John Roth:
Karma is owed to a human being, that is, an Essence that is incarnating as a member of Homo Sapiens.

That doesn't mean that the ant hive mind may not get pissed at you, but that's a different issue that they'll probably work out on your next picnic.


John Roth

Chiara DB:
If you felt super-awful about killing an insect to the point where you berate yourself and forever think of yourself as an evil and senseless silencer of innocent life, you could create self-karma.

Kinship With All Life, by J. Allen Boone, is an interesting book to read.  I don't know for sure if he really could communicate with flies, but since reading the book I look at flies as miniture packets of very intricate life.  I will kill insects if necessary, but I prefer to put most of them outside.  If there is karma involved with killing insects, I'd think it would be either more or less depending on the attitude involved with the killing.

Chiara DB:
Drury, I'm the same way. The only bugs I kill are the ones that want to suck my blood and give me a disease, or the ones that want to invade my cupboard and spoil my food. Other than that, they are all taken outside unharmed.


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