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I have this need and I am currently in university. I do not like university for various reasons, and sitting at home cringing about the annoying professor I have to listen to and the group project I'd rather not be in is practically killing me. It is compounded by my secondary chief feature of stubbornness methinks. When I start to get into "sit here and hate this" mode, it is extremely difficult to pull myself out of.

Commiserations, suggestions?

Take classes you enjoy? ;)

Just kidding, in a sense... but not really.

Freedom is my basic (and probably foremost) need, and taking classes I did not like (or was forced into) was also hell for me too.
But in university I tried to take classes I thought and knew I would be interested in... we had to take random classes from 5 scholastic categories (humanities, natural science, math, english, blah blah) to make us more 'well-rounded' students, so I ended up taking things like astronomy, linguistics, anthropology, psychology and a few film and creative writing classes even though I was a fine arts major. Which was great as I got to explore my other interests as I liked, and I'd say I remember and enjoyed those classes much better than my art classes. And it felt wonderful to be able to organize my own schedule like that, having the option to take classes in subjects I was interested in. I don't actually remember a whole lot of classes that I really detested... don't know if that was luck or just being happier with the option of variety and choice.

Is there that option for electives at your school or are you kind of stuck taking mindless prerequisite classes to get to where you're going?

Group projects are always going to be annoying, unfortunately. I don't know if there's much way around it, except to be group leader and delegate and let everyone do their tasks without having to bother you.

Maybe also you could try to create more freedom and options within the things you are confined to, see what freedoms you already have, such as, the choice to detach and treat it (class, professor) disdainfully, in a quiet way... (which I've done a few times, just so that it felt like the class didn't have a 'hold' on me) ;)  Or even creating a sense of freedom/choice when there isn't one, which sounds difficult, but can probably be achieved mentally by tricking yourself, or by treating yourself to a coffee or what have you afterward, listening to music, studying when YOU want to, doing things that you can decide. Having your own entire agenda outside the class... 

Seeing the bigger picture can also help, knowing that this class won't last a lifetime.

Thank you for your reply! Good to know I am not alone in the feelings. Thems are some good tips too!

I unfortunately have to take these courses as prerequisites. Hopefully I will like things better after this. Or else I may have to do something crazy.

Ps- Did you get your needs chanelled or just read them and validate for yourself? Because I didn't get mine chanelled, and most of the needs I read feel like needs I have. Like communion, adventure, expansion, freedom, and acceptance all sort of get my goat. I may not be using that idiom correctly :D. Maybe I'm just extra needy?  haha

It sounds like a cliche, or lecturing, and I really don't mean it that way, but it might help, also, to truly understand how lucky you are to be able to go to a university.  So many people yearn to go to college, but cannot, for various reasons.  They would be willing to sit through as many classes as they had to, if they only had the chance.

And yes, sometimes you do have to take mindless prerequisites or wade through classes/professors/activities you don't like in order to get to where you want to be.

I don't know if this helps you or not.  But like Elisabeth said, it won't last a lifetime.  In fact, it actually goes by much quicker than you think.  And I think the end result will be worth a few months of annoyance.

Thanks so much for your reply! It does help, those are really good points that help to shine some light on this for me.  :)


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