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Astrology and the Seven Roles: Introduction

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Astrology and the Seven Roles

For the benefit of the Michael community at this forum, I would like to present some excerpts from the book, Symbols of the Soul: Discovering Your Karma Through Astrology (2000), to highlight some of findings by its author, Gina Lake, who is a counseling psychologist and author of ten books. Gina has very generously given permission to use excerpts from her book for our group discussion. You can find her book at this link: Symbols of the Soul: Discovering Your Karma Through Astrology (9781567184075): Gina Lake: Books
NOTE: The premise of this book is NOT that astrology charts would be "interchangeable" with MT. Gina's book is trying to show that each ROLE favors certain SIGNS at different SOUL AGES. For years now, I've been interested in studying different personality typing systems (including the enneagram/natal charts/numerology/human design profiles/archetypes and other systems). This book is the first to describe how the Michael roles (based on MFM and The Michael Handbook material) and soul ages fit into modern astrology, which is yet another tool for understanding the soul’s path and the personality.

As Michael says: "The Grand Cycle is to your Essence/Spark, what each Personality is to your Role. Essence does not evolve without the Role and the Role does not evolve without the Personality." (channelled by Troy Tolley)
by Gina Lake
When we choose a chart (by choosing a moment and place of birth), we choose it to balance karma, learn lessons, develop talents, and fulfill a life task, but also because we have a desire to experience life through certain signs. We do not experience the signs in any set order and we are free to choose some signs more than others. Where does this desire come from? Why do we have certain preferences?
Why we each have our own preferences of signs is not such a mystery if we understand that we are sent from the godhead with general inclinations and goals. I am referring to what some call “Roles.” Before its set of physical incarnations, each soul takes on a Role that pertains to a goal for all its physical incarnations. The incarnations and the life tasks, in particular, relate to this Role.
Each Role favors certain signs because some signs suit the Role’s task and its way of being. There are seven Roles, thus, seven goals, each exhibiting its own style and each favoring certain signs. This helps explain why some signs in a chart may be more advanced than others: they have been chosen more often because the person’s Role favors them. Those who are advanced enough to have the freedom to choose their charts usually express their Roles in the charts they pick. Thus, the Role can often be surmised from the chart. However, sometimes a chart is chosen to balance the characteristics of a Role.

If our chart is very different from our Role, it won’t feel natural. A Warrior, for instance, would feel frustrated in a watery chart, but the chart would deliver some important lessons. The usual reason for this is to balance the negative tendencies of a certain sign, which may have become ingrained by choosing that sign over many lifetimes.
These energies are like a costume donned for one lifetime to experience the lessons and develop the talents of those energies. Still we are more than these energies; we are more than our charts. We are the sum total of all our previous lifetimes of experiences and their energy patterns (charts). In many ways, we are like actors on a stage: we know that we are more than the character we are playing, but for the time being we dress up in our costume and play our part. The difference is that the actor has no freedom to choose his lines and actions, and we do. We create the play as we go along. Our future, our story, is created by our choices and by the choices of those close to us.

The lessons of each of the twelve signs must be experienced and mastered before our evolution is complete. When a sign is first experienced, it will be awkwardly and more negatively expressed. Later, with more experience, its positive attributes are more easily expressed and its talents develop. Gradually, over many lifetimes, the expression of the signs evolves. We do not experience the signs in any set order and we are free to choose some signs more than others. This allows us to focus on certain talents, lessons, or tasks. Each of us is unique, and we evolve uniquely as well. The descriptions of the signs apply not only to people with that Sun sign, but also to those who have that sign prominent in their chart" [as Ascendant, angles, aspects, etc.].

John Roth:
I've been studying astrology for a while. Since 1976 to be exact, which is 35 years, or over a third of a century and well over half my adult life. I've looked at a variety of astrologies, including Hindu Jyotsh and the original astrology, Hellenistic astrology, that seems to have been created in a single burst of something or other in the 3rd or 2nd century BCE by someone who may be the person behind the legends of Hermes Trismisgestus. I'm not saying this to give myself any great credit, but simply to set the stage.

This is what I tend to call astrobabble.

In all versions of astrology the chart needs to be read as an integrated whole. The Sun sign is simply one influence among many. One can, for example, go on and on about my having my Sun in early Leo, but it's much more significant that I have my Sun closely conjunct Jupiter and Pluto, or that my Mars, Mercury, Moon and Venus are in a tight aspect cluster with a trine, two squares, a sextile and two semi-sextiles, each in one of four different signs. Or that Neptune is also in the cluster with a semi-square and sesquiquadrate. These aspects have much more influence on me than the sheer accident of the signs they are in.

I thoroughly agree about a person's astrology having to do with the mechanics of the life path, but that has much more to do with the way it interrelates with other people's charts and the way it interrelates with the geography of the planet. It also has to do with how it unfolds over time with transits, progressions and other patterns that aren't anywhere near as well known as they should be.

In Michael teachings terms, the Role in Essence is simply one of several Essence level influences, including casting order, frequency and male-female energy balance. All of this, and much more, needs to be integrated to get anything approaching a complete picture of a specific Essence.

There's an old saying in Astrology that the only people who resemble their charts are beginning astrologers. People who don't know astrology don't resemble them, and people who really know astrology know better.

Some time in the misty past I came across the notion that, if you want to know someone, you have to look at that person. Statistical correlations not only aren't at all useful, they get in the way. It's possible that Kings have, for example, somewhat of a preference for Leo, and you could probably make something of the fact that this body had a King essence before it walked out and a Scholar essence walked in. It wouldn't help you very much to know this if you want to know me.

John Roth

Hi John,

You're entitled to your opinion, but I felt compelled to present this material to this group of Michael students, who might benefit from reading the brief overview of the role/sign descriptions and particularly the evolution of elements during different soul ages. I found that very insightful in the context of soul evolution and I hope others will, too.

I agree that astrology is a highly complex, often misunderstood cosmic science indeed. Sun sign astrology is just scratching the surface. Perhaps you missed reading the last sentence in the Introduction, where Gina clearly states:

"The descriptions of the signs apply not only to people with that Sun sign, but also to those who have that sign prominent in their chart" [as Ascendant, angles, aspects, etc.]. "

All is choice. Including your choice to read or not to read further excerpts from Gina Lake's book.


Hi Ulla,

thanks for posting this, I find it interesting. I have never realised that Roles may have signs they prefer (and yes, I do realise that Sun Sign is not be all and end all by far and I know you are not saying this either).

When I have read it, I thought - I bet you will list Pisces as one of Artisan's favourite (that is what I am) and you did.

I am no astrologer myself, but I could get into it. My ex bought this "do it yourself" Celtic astrology kit where you figure out your whole astrological chart. The ascendent is missing, but the rest is there. Then it gives you interpretation of various elements of it, all the aspects etc. Well - perhaps its a sign of a beginner astrologer, lol, but it fit pretty well for me. There was one aspect, which I cannot lookup now, since I don't have the reading with me at the mo, that said that I like to make things with my hands and that I am into arts (which I do/am - I am a pretty stereotypical Artisan), but with another aspect - can post later which - this would be suppressed in favour of a choice of more financially stable career. Well this I would call the basic conflict of my life. I am very much an Artisan, but unwilling to be poor.

Then consider this - several year later, I get my Michael chart done. The channel does not know me, does not know my date of birth. Excerpt from the reading:

--- Quote ---Many vectors lie ahead of this fragment whose chosen goal of stagnation prevents the leap in previous lifetimes to engage in the arts as a career. Past lives of flamboyant embracing of artisan lifestyle have taken a temporary break here from those past experiences. In this life, Jana you have chosen caution and pragmatism to temper the artisan spirit. The most previous lives saw you as the starving artisan with goals of growth, and rejection, so essence chose one of practicality and steady income.

Artisans are often lured and seduced by the need to demonstrate and express outwardly who and what they are and know. Given other overleaf choices this is not always the optimal selection in terms of a career path. You Jana, are being very Artisan about how you have chosen to support yourself making it an art of accomplishment. Boredom would set in  were it not for the choice of the Goal of Stagnation. You have chosen, therefore, a resting life and only Impatience stands in the way of allowing you to bathe in the sensations and relaxation of a life less vexing than others
--- End quote ---

When I read it, it hit me so much, it was so true, that I cried.

My chart is pretty watery if I remember correctly, its not just my Pisces in Sun. I think it only follows logically that when I make myself a Tarot reading, I see predominantly Cups, and not many Wands at all. I will have a look at it again when I get home, in terms of each element.


I am also trying to validate this Role - Sun Sign correlation now looking at my family members.

Mum is channeled as an Artisan, Warrior casting, but she really does not come across as one at all. She comes across as Sage/Warrior. She is Gemini. (no match)
Sister is channeled as a Sage, does not quite seem like one (has server casting), but she is Gemini. (match on role and sun sign)
Ex is channeled as a Warrior with a Sage casting, and is Aquarius (match on casting and sun sign)
Child 1 is channeled as a Server with a Warrior casting and is Aries (match on casting and sun sign)
Child 2 is channeled as a Warrior with a Artisan casting and is Virgo (match on casting and sun sign)

John Roth:

--- Quote from: Ulla on June 09, 2011, 02:17:39 AM ---Hi John,

You're entitled to your opinion [/b]"

All is choice. Including your choice to read or not to read further excerpts from Gina Lake's book.


--- End quote ---

You may want to consider that I take the phrase "you're entitled to your opinion" as a major insult. I take it to mean that you've totally dismissed everything I had to say.

This forum is for discussing the Michael Teachings. It is not for discussing the teachings of your favorite astrologer.

If you have actual Michael channelings on astrology from known Michael channelings, I would be happy to discuss them.

John Roth


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