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Scholars contribute to society intellectually by analyzing and compiling existing information. They are key to the maintenance of civilization, but generally are not involved in the creation of new ideas. Their life tasks usually involve research, teaching, writing, lecturing, reporting, establishing and maintaining libraries, editing, publishing, and scholarly studies. Their contributions are likely to be in the form of ideas, plans, abstractions, analysis, observations, comparisons, and statistics.
   Air is likely to be the strongest element in their charts, with earth being the second. Air gives them the ability and desire to explore the realm of ideas objectively and analytically, while earth gives them the patience and persistence to pursue their intellectual endeavors. Scholars enjoy the exchange of ideas, whether or not they personally support those ideas. They rarely become involved in causes because that would detract from their goal of compiling and analyzing data. For the same reason, they choose water signs as infrequently as possible, relying on others to provide the emotional element in their lives. Although this can be frustrating for their partners, who may not get their emotional needs met, emotional people gain objectivity through their relationships with Scholars, which may be the purpose of such a relationship.
   Because fire is not particularly necessary or helpful to Scholars, it is not usually chosen except to balance their overly intellectual approach with physical activity. Fire would add restlessness and impatience to their personality, which might interfere with their need to persist during the dry, unexciting moments so common to intellectual pursuits.
   Virgo (earth) is a favorite sign, along with Gemini (air) and Aquarius (air). Virgo provides the mental discipline and attention to detail that their work requires. Capricorn (earth) and Taurus (earth) are helpful as well, supplying the drive to accomplish something for society and the ability to wade through endless piles of information. Because its sociability outweighs its intellectuality, Libra (air) chosen too frequently is likely to interfere with their work, which mostly takes place in isolation.
   Their North Node is often in Gemini or Aquarius, and less frequently in Libra. When it is in Gemini, it is likely to indicate a lifetime of study, teaching, writing, speaking, or accumulating data. In Aquarius, the North Node is likely to indicate a life task involving a team or scientific research or both. The North Node in Libra might mean that a partnership is significant to the life task. The Scholar’s North Node is not found in Virgo as often as you might think because this nodal axis is most common to life tasks involving healing or service.

Signs Most Frequently Chosen by Scholars (air and earth):
Gemini, Aquarius, and Virgo

Talents of Scholar: academic expertise, writing, speaking, logical analysis, teaching

Tendencies That May Need Balancing: lack of common sense and practical know-how; needs to be involved in the ordinary aspects of life, especially in practical tasks and relationships


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